CNN Raises Alarm after Stormy Daniels Admits She ‘Hates’ Trump during Testimony: ‘Her Responses Were Disastrous!’

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig has raised the alarm over Stormy Daniels’ testimony in President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trail in New York.

As Slay News reported, Daniels’s wild statements from the witness stand on Tuesday have led to widespread calls for a mistrial.

Daniels’ testimony is filled with inflammatory statements that are not relevant to the case.

The defense argues that Daniels sought to make additional unfounded allegations to paint Trump in a negative light before the jury.

Even Juan Merchant, the Biden donor Democrat judge overseeing the case, admitted he was struggling to keep Daniels under control.

“I agree that it would have been better if some of these things had been left unsaid,” Merchan said in response to multiple complaints from the defense.

Responding to the explosive testimony on CNN, Honig warned that the cross-examination of Daniels was a disaster.

Honig tried to argue that Daniels’ testimony about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in a hotel room in 2006 was “plausible.”

However, he admitted that her responses under cross-examination by Trump’s team called her credibility into question.

“Her responses were disastrous!” Honig asserted.

The legal expert was referring to the moment when Daniels admitted that she “hates” Trump.

“That’s a big deal,” Honig said.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

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The charges stem from a politically motivated investigation by the George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The case is related to alleged payments made ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

The claimed “hush money” payments were to supposedly silence Daniels about an alleged 2006 extramarital affair with Trump.

However, there is no evidence to support the claims of an “affair” or that Trump paid Daniels “hush money.”

Daniels has previously sought to sue Trump for defamation after he denied her claims.

However, the case was thrown out, in Trump’s favor.

Daniels now owes Trump more than $500,000 in legal fees which she says she will “go to jail” before she pays.

During her Tuesday testimony, Daniels admitted that she “hates” Trump.

“When the witness hates the person whose liberty is at stake, that’s a big damn deal!” Honig said.

“And she’s putting out tweets, fantasizing about him being in jail.

“That really undermines the credibility.”

Daniels has made multiple posts about Trump on social media, including writing that she “will go to jail” before she has to “pay a penny” to Trump.

“The fact that she owes him $500,000 by order of a court, owes Donald Trump a half million dollars, and said, ‘I will never pay him. I will defy a court order,’ the defense is gonna say, ‘She’s willing to defy a court order. She’s not willing to respect an order from a judge. Why is she gonna respect this oath she took?’

“So, I thought it went quite poorly on cross-exam,” the analyst said.

“I think the cross made real inroads,” Honig added.


Whether or not the trial continues remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, the prosecution’s witnesses are creating an air-tight case for Trump to appeal.

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By Frank Bergman

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