CNN Warns Democrats Plotting ‘Full-Scale Political Revolt’ against ‘Directionless’ Biden

CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza has warned that Democrats are plotting to launch a “full-scale political revolt” against regime leader President Joe Biden.

Cillizza revealed that Democrats are revolting from within the Democratic Party because they view Biden as “listless” and “directionless.”

“You are seeing as close to a full-scale political revolt within a party of a president as you’re going to see,” Cillizza warned viewers.

“They’ve been filled with confusing messages on critical topics, projecting an image of a directionless White House led by a President whose tendency to veer off message is only adding to his problems.

“The administration has a revolt on its hands over its previously announced decision to rescind Title 42,” he said.

Looking ahead to the midterms, Cillizza said the Democrats are in trouble because of Biden’s bungling.

He said the immigration surge on the border that will come when he lifts Title 42 means “nothing good for Democrats.”

“What is already a really bad political climate for Democrats” is a recipe for ruin, he warned.

Co-host Brianna Keilar agreed, saying the Democrats “are worried. And rightly so.”

Cillizza acquiesced and called out Biden for being “directionless,” noting that “the Biden administration looks listless right now.”

“All of this comes as Biden is at or near his low ebb in terms of job approval during his term,” he continued.

“In CNN’s latest poll of polls — an average of the last four national polls — Biden’s approval rating is at just 39% among Americans, with his disapproval at 55%.

“In short: Biden didn’t have a lot of goodwill left with the public before this week.

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“But the conflicting messages coming out of the White House — and the broader Democratic Party — make it look like there is no plan to turn things around in advance of the midterm elections, which are now just over 200 days off.”

He added later:

“With all the focus of late on inflation and its impact on the coming midterm elections, we may be overlooking another issue gaining traction among the American public: immigration.

“More than 4 in 10 Americans told Gallup in March that they have a ‘great deal’ of worry about ‘illegal immigration,’ which is how the firm framed the issue in its survey.

“That number, which was consistent with Gallup’s polling last year as well, is on the high end of their survey findings on the issue over the past decade.

“And the considerable concern is primarily on the rise among politically critical independent voters.

“In 2018, just 3 in 10 independents said they had a great deal of concern about the issue.

“Now that number stands at 39%.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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