College Professors Are ‘Dumbing Down’ Courses over Fears ‘Woke’ Students Will Cancel Them, Scholar Warns

A renowned British scholar has revealed that college professors are being forced to “dumb down” their courses to protect their own careers.

Prof. Steven Greer, a former human rights lecturer at the University of Bristol, told the Telegraph that professors fear they’ll be canceled by “woke,” “intolerant,” free speech-hating students.

Greer told the newspaper he feared for his life after being falsely accused of Islamophobia by the “woke” mob.

The professor is now raising the alarm about this crisis and details the deterioration of freedom of speech in academia in his new memoir.

“Falsely Accused of Islamophobia: My Struggle Against Academic Cancellation” was published by Academica Press.

The book encourages “free inquiry and debate in an age of cruel, shameless, unaccountable, and groundless censorship, vilification, and victimization.”

In 2020, “woke” students complained that aspects of Greer’s “module” on Islam, China, and the Far East — part of the “Human Rights in Law, Politics, and Society” course — were racist or discriminatory.

A complaint was filed by students with the college’s Islamic Society, the Telegraph said.

Students fired off a petition calling for Greer’s suspension or dismissal if he didn’t issue an immediate apology, the report said.

Just days later, he received a series of threatening emails and became alarmed after spotting someone loitering near his home.

In fact, Greer, a grandfather of three, told the Telegraph he feared being attacked or killed by Muslim extremists.

He even grew a long, bushy beard, wore false glasses and a pulled-up hoodie, and carried a “sturdy” umbrella and a screwdriver for protection.

In July 2021, following a five-month investigation, Bristol University fully exonerated Greer of all allegations.

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Greer told the Telegraph that universities aren’t doing enough to protect instructors from “intolerant students” who can place academics at risk of attacks not only against their reputations but also actual physical attacks “based on nothing but lies and distortion.”

“My case is not the first of this kind and nor, sadly, is it likely to be the last,” told the paper.

“Cancel culture is fast becoming the scourge of academia and, in my opinion, it threatens to dumb down degree courses at many of the UK’s finest institutions.”

He added that “many academics, fearing being falsely labeled as hostile to minorities by woke campaigners, are already actively self-censoring to avoid any potential backlash.”

Greer also warned fellow scholars also are “dumbing down” their courses for fear of being falsely branded as “hostile to minorities including gays, transsexuals, and Muslims.”

Last year, Greer gave a video interview with the Bristol Free Speech Society in response to both Islamophobia claims and a social media campaign against him.


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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