Corporate Media Taints Barron Trump’s Graduation by Making Special Day about ‘Hush Money’ Trial

President Donald Trump’s youngest son recently graduated from high school in what should have been a special family moment.

However, the event was tainted by the corporate media pushing to make the day about President Trump’s New York “hush money” trial.

The mainstream media was quick to make the day about Trump’s trial which wasn’t unexpected.

However, it still tainted a special moment for the Trump family.

The media’s coverage was likely especially upsetting for Barron’s mother Melania Trump.

The former first lady has been primarily raising Barron Trump amidst her husband’s presidency and fight against Democrats.

The pictures from the graduation were a real testament to the fortitude and closeness of the Trump family, however.

It comes amid the incredible pressure and hostility they face.

But since the mainstream media was so intent on talking about Trump’s trial, it’s worth remembering that the 45th president was almost prevented from attending his son’s graduation in the first place.

Photos of Trump and Melania show the proud pair beaming as Barron received his diploma from Oxbridge Academy.

This is a real moment of accomplishment for the Trumps but especially for Melania who has been protecting Barron from the politics that surrounds the family.

Melania has been notably absent the past few years because of her need to keep Barron out of the public eye.

She has repeatedly blasted the vicious leftist media that desperately wants to attack anything with the Trump name.

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President Trump was nearly barred from attending the ceremony due to his “hush money” trial in New York City.

Trump has been ordered to appear in court for the entirety of the trial, a move that was obviously taken to get Trump off the campaign trail.

However, Judge Juan Merchan wasn’t brave enough to order Trump to miss his son’s graduation as the public perception of the trial is already exceedingly low.

The “hush money” case was so weak that federal prosecutors refused to bring the case against Trump.

That didn’t stop Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg from bringing the charges against Trump as the opportunity for fame was too irresistible.

George Soros-funded Bragg went from an unknown bureaucrat to a nationally notorious figure praised by the Left and hated by the Right for his partisan abuse of the justice system.

The aim was never conviction, but Democrats would love that, but rather Bragg’s trial is designed to kneecap Trump’s ability to campaign.

The move seeks to give President Biden an advantage in an election he is losing to Trump.

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