Covid-Vaxxed Far More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed

Yet another study from leading scientific researchers has emerged that warns of the devastating impact on public health caused by the Covid mRNA shots.

Researchers from Ohio State University found that patients who contract COVID-19 are twice as likely to die if they received an mRNA injection to supposedly protect them from the virus.

The news comes amid growing concerns about the shots and repeated warnings from renowned doctors, scientists, and academics.

Earlier this week, Dr. David Martin, a celebrated American financial analyst, raised the alarm over evidence that Covid mRNA shots have now killed more people than they helped.

During an interview on British comedian Russell Brand’s podcast, the host asked Martin:

“Do you believe that those medications [COVID shots] killed more people than they saved?”

“What we can say is every single adverse effect was, in fact, an effect that happened WITHOUT a social benefit,” Martin responded.

“In other words, the cost to society and the cost to the individual taking the injection outweighed any proposed benefit whatsoever.”

“My God,” Brand replied.

“And that is an absolute statement,” Martin asserted.

“More people died from the intervention,” he added.

“More people got sick from the intervention than had no intervention been taken whatsoever.”


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The new study from Ohio State University appears to support Martin’s findings.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the renowned journal Frontiers in Immunology, states:

“Among COVID-19 patients, mortality rate was significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax patients (p=0.002).”

“While mortality rates were 36% (n=25) and 27% (n=15) for non-COVID-19 [non-vaccinated] and [vaccinated] patients, respectively, in COVID-19 patients mortality rates were 37% [for non-vaccinated patients] and 70% [for vaccinated patients].”

The scientists conclude that a person’s risk of death from COVID-19 nearly doubles when they receive a Covid mRNA injection.

The researchers noted that those who have not received a Covid shot are at a much lower mortality risk due to increased levels of natural immunity.

In the study’s paper, the researchers explain that the “Charlson’s Comorbidity Index score (CCI) was also significantly higher among” people who were “vaccinated” in comparison to those who decided to forego the injections.

Early death is not the only risk factor associated with Covid shots, however.

In addition, the mRNA injections are linked to other severe health complications, including heart failure, autoimmune disease, strokes, blood clots, brain damage, turbo cancers, and sudden deaths.

As Slay News previously reported, the largest-ever global study on soaring sudden deaths linked the surge to Covid mRNA shots.

Meanwhile, government officials in the Philippines have just raised the alarm after the nation recorded a staggering 290,000 deaths among the Covid-vaccinated population.

Unlike other countries around the world, Filipino lawmakers are now sounding the alarm about the crisis and the government has launched a full investigation into the deaths.

Notably, lawmakers have become alarmed that excess deaths surged among the public after they received Covid mRNA injections.

Noteworthy hearings have been taking place in the Philippines’ House of Representatives, as Slay News reported.

The hearings established that the deaths were not related to COVID-19 and that the spike only emerged after the “vaccines” that were meant to tackle the virus were rolled out for public use.

Meanwhile, thousands of doctors, scientists, and academics have signed a declaration demanding an “immediate” ban on mRNA injections.

Slay News reported earlier this week that the unprecedented statement, called “The Hope Accord,” has also been signed by over 2000 doctors, scientists, and academics, and more than 2700 other healthcare professionals.

The Hope Accord was first launched last week and has quickly gathered a huge amount of support.

All of the signature endorsements have been verified to ensure they are from real and qualified professionals.

The document has continued to garner support and, at the time of publishing, the statement has gained 37,565 total supporters, including 1,171 medical doctors, 3,109 other healthcare professionals, and 1,244 scientists and academics.

Among the most notable signatories are diagnostic pathologist Dr. Clare Craig, physician, renowned British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and evolutionary biologist and podcaster Professor Bret Weinstein.

“A growing body of evidence suggests that the widespread rollout of the novel Covid-19 mRNA vaccine products is contributing to an alarming rise in disability and excess deaths,” the statement warns.

“The association observed between the vaccine rollout and these concerning trends is now supported by additional significant findings.”

“The consequence was exposing the public, especially healthy young people – including children – to unacceptable risks of harm,” the experts stated.

“The medical profession must lead by admitting we lost our way,” the group of doctors and other academics said.

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By Frank Bergman

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