Dan Bongino Fires Back at YouTube over Suspension: ‘Kiss My A**’

Big Tech giant YouTube made a big move against Dan Bongino yesterday, suspending his channel for a week and demonetizing it for at least 30 days for violating rules concerning what information can be shared on the platform about the virus.

He ran afoul of YouTube censors for making derogatory comments about masks.

The video was Bongino’s first “strike” but Bongino is not backing down and do not be surprised to see this backfire on Youtube.

Bongino fired back at the Silicon Valley heavyweight telling them to kiss his ass.

Bongino said: “If I said I was surprised I’d be lying.

“We knew it was just a matter of time before the tyrannical, free-speech hating, bullsh*t, big tech sh*thole you work for would try to silence us.

“Respectfully, Kiss My Ass.”

From Yahoo:

Bongino is only getting a week-long suspension, because it’s his first strike under the policy. If he gets another strike within 90 days, he’ll get another two-week suspension. 

His channel will only be removed if he gets a third strike within three months. 

In addition to suspending his uploads, YouTube has also demonetized his channel for “repeatedly violating [its] Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines on harmful and dangerous acts.” 

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He will, however, be able to re-apply for the Partner Program after 30 days. 

That said, it looks like Bongino has plans to keep on breaking YouTube’s COVID-19 rules.

From Forbes:

869,000. That’s how many subscribers Bongino has for his YouTube channel.

Bongino is widely considered one of the top figures in conservative news media, especially after his  Fox-affiliated radio show, The Dan Bongino Show, took over the time slot of the late Rush Limbaugh’s show in many markets last year. 

Bongino’s Facebook page is also one of the most popular conservative news sources on the platform, and is responsible for the most popular link post during the past week.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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