Dan Bongino Shreds Adam Kinzinger: ‘This Coward Would Run If He Saw Me in Person’

Dan Bongino humiliated Adam Kinzinger after the former Congressman tried to mock the popular conservative commentator on Twitter.

Kinzinger tried to jump into a back-and-forth between Bongino and leftist horror author Stephen King, but it backfired miserably.

Bongino said on Twitter:

“Joe Biden is the most destructive force in the history of US politics.

“He’s too dumb to govern, too cowardly to do the right thing, and too corrupt to give up the grift.

“As we watch the invasion begin today, just remember that he’s doing this intentionally.

“Biden is a disgrace to humankind,” he noted.

“An embarrassment to the human race in every respect.

Stephen King said: “Yes.

“But he’s got a real job, not a podcast.”

Bongino fired back, saying: “Yeah, you’re right.

“Millions of listeners a day on a podcast while you’re watching porn in your momma’s basement yearning for the days that people actually gave a shit about your dumb ass.

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“Nice comeback dipshit.

“Get a job loser.

For some reason, Kinzinger decided to jump in after watching Bongino publicly shred King.

He said:

“I think @dbongino is going through some things.

“I’m with @StephenKing here.”

Bongino shot back and mopped the floor with Kinzinger as well.

“This coward would tuck his balls between his little legs and run if he saw me in person,” Bongino said of Kinzinger.

“He’s been selling his broken soul to his lib masters for months praying to get a job like the one I walked away from.

“He’s got the sads because his family keeps saying he perished in a car accident.

“Must be awful.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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