Dan Crenshaw Throws Temper Tantrum, Tucker Carlson Shuts Him Down: ‘The Snarling Face of the Donor Class’

Fox News star Tucker Carlson shut down Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) after the congressman threw a temper tantrum over the voting for House speaker.

Carlson blasted Crenshaw as “the snarling face of the donor class” after the Texas congressman attacked House Republicans who oppose Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker.

Crenshaw called his anti-McCarthy colleagues “terrorists, narcissists, and enemies.”

Carlson took Crenshaw to the woodshed and detailed how ridiculous, but not uncommon, it is for neocons and Democrats to portray anyone who disagrees with them as enemies and terrorists.

“You may like Kevin McCarthy, or not,” Carlson said.

“Both are allowed,” the Fox News host continued.

“But no matter how you feel, you have to acknowledge, if you’re being honest, that people who don’t like Kevin McCarthy have a reason for that.

“They have real concerns, real issues.

“Instead he impugned their motive, their character, their intelligence, their moral standing.

“They’re ‘narcissists.’

“In fact, and we’re quoting, they’re ‘enemies’ now.

“Now, what you just saw as Dan Crenshaw just spoke, is the snarling face of the donor class revealed for all to see, finally.

“The deep loathing of disobedient voters that may be their most passionate secret emotion.

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“But they’re not bothering to hide that emotion anymore.

“Now you know how they really feel.”

Crenshaw is lashing out as it becomes clear that McCarthy will cave.

Backroom dealing for speaker is as old as the Republic, and McCarthy will likely have to give Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and others what they want if he wants to secure the job.

Tucker said earlier about the speaker race:

“Now, the fact that this race has not been settled by now is being described, especially online by many, as embarrassing – and it is embarrassing if you prefer the Soviet-style consensus of the Democratic Party’s internal elections, where votes are merely a formality and all the really big decisions, the meaningful ones, are made years in advance by donors.

“Oh, of course, everyone’s on board. That’s what they do.

“But if you prefer democracy to oligarchy; if you prefer real debates about issues that actually matter, it’s pretty refreshing to see it.

“Yes, it’s a little chaotic, but this is what it’s supposed to be.

“Now, we’re going to give you a lot more to tell them what’s happening in just a minute and throughout the week, but first, a quick overview to frame the big points.

“Kevin McCarthy of California was going to be speaker.

“He badly wants to be speaker.

“In fact, he wants that job more than anything else in his life and he was going to get it.

“But then a group of 20 Republican members stopped him.

“Now they stopped him because they decided that Kevin McCarthy is not conservative enough to represent a party that’s just taking back the House from Nancy Pelosi and they are definitely right about that.

“McCarthy is not especially conservative.

“He is, in fact, ideologically agnostic. He’s flexible.

“His real constituency is the lobbying community in Washington.

“So, if you’ve got sincere political beliefs, that is infuriating to watch.

“On the other hand, to be fair, this is politics and McCarthy does have strengths.

“It’s not easy being speaker when the House is this closely divided.

“And in some ways, Kevin McCarthy is perfectly suited for that.

“To win them back, McCarthy is going to have to give them something real, not more airy promises, which he specializes in.

“He’s going to have to give them actual concessions,” he said.

“If Kevin McCarthy wants to be the speaker, he is going to have to do things he would never do otherwise.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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