Dave Chappelle Performs in San Francisco, Shreds ‘Woke’ City: ‘What the F**k Happened to This Place?’

Comedian Dave Chappelle shredded San Francisco during a performance in the “woke” Democrat-controlled crime-infested city.

While performing at the Masonic late last week, Chappelle slammed the city’s rapid decline caused by electing woke local officials.

Chappelle’s remarks were revealed in an SFGate report from Dan Gentile.

However, Chappelle’s commentary appeared to be lost on Gentile who, instead, blasted the comedian’s show as a “barrage of transphobic dog whistles.”

The report claimed that Chappelle’s comedy had taken “a dark turn toward transphobia” in recent years.

He claims that this “dark turn” emerged after Chappelle allegedly “identified as TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), declared that gender is an unmalleable fact, and insinuated that the struggle for LGBTQ and black rights are at odds.”

Chappelle’s “disdain for present-day San Francisco” was “crystal clear,” the report said.

Chappelle reportedly slammed rampant homelessness in the city, asking “What the f**k happened to this place?”

The SFGate report complained that Chappelle mocked a situation in which a homeless person defecated in front of a restaurant he was eating at in the Bay Area earlier in the week.

According to Gentile, however, the complaint about public defecation was just one of the “irresponsible and dangerous things” Chappelle said during his show.

The report complained that Chappelle has joined the ranks of Joe Rogan and Elon Musk and has “insulated himself from criticism with a combination of incredible talent and incredible wealth.”

Chappelle’s jokes involving transgender individuals were “insensitive” and “just plain lazy,” according to the report.

The “woke” writer claims this is because Chappelle was “relying on tropes rather than the comedian’s incisive wit.”

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The report noted that Chappelle repeatedly used the transgender community as a “punchline” throughout the performance.

“These dog whistles” had “spoiled” the night, the report complains.

However, the show was sold out and “the amount of laughter in the room” proved otherwise.

Chappelle won a Grammy award earlier this year for best comedy album for his Netflix special “The Closer.”

The comedy special sparked immense anger from leftists because he joked about the transgender community.

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. attempted to quell any potential backlash from leftists over Chappelle winning the award by noting that viewers are responsible for picking the winners.

“If the voters feel like a creator deserves a nomination, they’re going to vote for them,” he said.

“We’re never going to be in the business of deciding someone’s moral position or where we evaluate them to be on the scale of morality.

“I think our job is to evaluate the art and the quality of the art.

“We can make sure that all of our spaces are safe and people don’t feel threatened by anyone.

“But as far as the nominations or the awards, we really let the voters make that decision.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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