Democrat Senator Squirms, Refuses to Endorse Biden in Awkward Interview

Democrat Senator Peter Welch (D-VT) refused to endorse President Joe Biden’s fitness to serve during questions about his degraded mental and physical health.

During an awkward interview in a segment of “CNN News Central,” Welch squirmed while stating that Biden is “wrestling with” his future.

Welch argued that he doesn’t feel free to speak his mind out of “respect.”

When asked about Biden’s fitness, Welch said:

“He’s wrestling with that and he’s reading the polls and he had a terrible debate and the campaign has candidly acknowledged it.”

Welch’s wishy-washy response is the latest sign that Democrats are going wobbly on Biden.

It comes amid growing concerns following his debate debacle last week.

Many Democrats are fearful that Biden will hand the White House back to President Donald Trump.

In addition, fears are growing that Biden’s weakness will hurt Democrats down the ballot.

While few Democrats have openly called on Biden to step aside, not many are giving him their unequivocal support.

Welch almost sounded as if he were trying to reassure himself as he said Biden would do “what’s best for the country.”

The senator suggested that might mean dropping out to stop Trump from winning the presidency.

“He knows that the existential challenge is keeping Donald Trump out of the presidency.

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“So, I have confidence that he’s going to make a decision and make it on the basis of serving the country.”

Making matters more awkward, Welch basically admitted that he is withholding his candid opinion out of respect.

“So, my view is that I will let the President make his own decision, out of immense respect for everything he’s done for us, keeping Trump out of office and the extraordinary job he’s done.”


Biden has been stubborn about the whole situation, telling supporters in Wisconsin Friday that he won’t be pushed aside.

“They’re trying to push me out of the race,” he said.

“Well let me say this as clearly as I can: I’m staying in the race.”

Meanwhile, pressure on Biden is continuing to mount.

The Washington Post reported Friday that a powerful senator, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), is lobbying his Democrat colleagues to get Biden out.

When asked about it, Biden said of Warner, “he’s the only one.”

Biden has received more robust support from Democrat governors.

Several governors met with Biden at the White House this week in a show of solidarity.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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