Disabled Patients Given ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders to Boost ‘Covid’ Deaths

An inquiry has heard shocking evidence that doctors were ordered to issue “do not resuscitate” (DNR) directives for disabled patients during the pandemic to boost the number of “Covid” deaths.

The allegations first emerged late last year when several disabled people in Scotland discovered that they had secretly been issued with “do not resuscitate” orders, without their knowledge or consent.

Several of those patients have now testified saying they feel like the government believes their lives are “not worth saving.”

According to a recent report from the Daily Mail, as Covid began to spread, doctors’ receptionists even called up those with disabilities to try to persuade them to sign up for the orders.

The DNR orders inform doctors that they do not want their lives saved in an emergency.

At the time, doctors were pushing for disabled patients who had tested positive for Covid to sign a DNR order.

Glasgow Disability Alliance chief executive Tressa Burke talked to the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry and described how some of her members were left so isolated during lockdowns they feared their bodies would not be discovered if they died at home.

“Lord Brailsford’s inquiry in Edinburgh is specifically probing the use of DNRs as part of its terms of reference,” the publication notes.

Giving evidence, Burke said:

“Some people were finding out about DNRs because their GP surgery were approaching them, some were finding out because they discovered it while they were in hospital, or when something happened to them they discovered it in passing.”

She continued and said the following:

“‘So people were absolutely terrified and felt that the lives of disabled people were being devalued. Even the way it was being described when people were dying – ‘but they had a pre-existing condition’ – as if that somehow writes off their life and devalues it and we should just expect all the disabled people to die anyway, and they’re not that worth saving.”

The UK government publishes “official” data regarding the DNR orders.

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Allegations are continuing to mount regarding the practices in hospitals around teh world during the pandemic.

A recent bombshell report from Slay News sent shockwaves around the world after an investigation into the high numbers of “Covid deaths” during the pandemic uncovered evidence that tens of thousands of elderly people were actually murdered to boost the mortality rates.

The data produced for the report indicated that people were being euthanized using a fatal injection of Midazolam.

The cause of their deaths was then listed as “Covid,” indicating that the virus was killing far more elderly people than it was.

The explosive data from the report was made public by Australian politician Craig Kelly, the national director of the United Australia Party.

The report obtained official UK government data on death rates and causes.

The data appears to show that vast numbers of elderly were murdered with an injection of the end-of-life drug Midazolam.

According to Kelly, the patients were euthanized in order to boost “Covid deaths” and ramp up public fear to garner support for lockdowns and vaccines.

While alerting the public about the data, Kelly declared that it exposes “the crime of the century.”

“These deaths were then falsely blamed on Covid, which was the basis of the public fear campaigns used to justify the lockdowns and mass-mandated injections of the public (including children) with an experimental medical intervention that had zero long-term safety data,” Kelly said in a post on X alongside copies of the data.

“Along the way, a small group pushing the need for mass-mandated injections made billions.

“This paper shows that the UK spike in deaths, wrongly attributed to COVID-19 in April 2020, was not due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was largely absent, but was due to the widespread use of Midazolam injections which were statistically very highly correlated (coefficient over 90 percent) with excess deaths in all regions of England during 2020.

“The widespread and persistent use of Midazolam in UK suggests a possible policy of systemic euthanasia.”

Shortly after the allegations about Midazolam first emerged, Slay News additionally reported on explosive leaked documents that emerged.

They show medical staff were ordered to euthanize patients who had been admitted to hospital and tested positive for COVID-19.

The official documents were leaked from the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

Elderly patients were then put on end-of-life care which involved withdrawing their medication, depriving them of food and water, and pumping them full of Midazolam and morphine until they died.

Their deaths were then recorded as being caused by “Covid.”

The docs further confirm the previous reporting from Slay News that revealed patients were euthanized in order to boost the numbers for “Covid deaths.”

By inflating mortality rates, governments and the corporate media were able to stoke fear in the public.

This fearmongering paved the way for widespread compliance with mass vaccination drives, lockdowns, travel bans, and other tyrannical measures.

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