Early Voting in Texas Dooms Democrats as Hispanics Continue Shifting to GOP

Early voting coming out of Texas is spelling doom for the Democrats as Hispanic voters continue shifting to the GOP in record numbers.

This historic trend started in 2018 and became clear in 2020.

If Hispanic voters continue flipping to the Republican Party across the nation, the Democrats will be doomed.

Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner Ben Armenta said: “I’ve spent a lot of time in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy and all the counties in the valley, and there has just been a very different vibe with Republican voters.

“I meet with folks, and a high percentage of them are new, and they’re just engaged differently than they’ve been in the past.

“It’s about the issues that are impacting their home.

“The issues that are impacting their pocketbook, their schools, the crime in their neighborhoods.

“When as a Republican candidate, I’m talking to them and I just ask them even in the last 13 months of the Biden administration, ‘Are things better for you?’ The answer is, ‘No.’

“Border security is all about crime.

“These voters, the Latino voters, are legal citizens.

“These are people who, whether they are first-generation or fifth or sixth generation Texans, came to the U.S. legally.

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“I am a third-generation Mexican-American.

“My grandparents came here legally, and there is a right way to go about doing this.

“This is an anti-crime stance that the homeowners, the property owners — they don’t want illegal immigrants and aliens and criminals crossing their property.

“They don’t want the destruction.

“They’re not being reimbursed by the federal government when their crops are destroyed, their fields are trampled.”

Ivan Andarza, the spokesman for Hispanic Republicans of Texas, said: “Drugs are coming across the border, cartels are using migrants to flood the border in a way where everybody is bogged down with them and everyone else runs across it.

“We’re living that down there, so when we hear that everything is fine on the border and we don’t need a border wall anymore, it’s just at odds with what people are living down there.

“That has kind of turbocharged the movement that was already happening with the way that Democrats have changed over the past few years.

“Hispanic values are Republican values, and I think that message is resonating with Hispanics across the country.

“I’m Hispanic,” Andarza said.

“My parents had a third-grade education.

“They put seven kids through college. They came here legally and upheld the rule of law.

“Hispanics don’t want an AOC socialist woke agenda.

“They want an agenda that provides opportunity.

“An agenda where they can see their children grow up and go from a factory like me to the Texas Supreme Court.

“It’s just common sense.

“Hispanics want a country where freedom reigns and more opportunity is available no matter where you come from.

“AOC and the woke liberals don’t offer that.

“They offer a socialist agenda that wants to keep people in their place. We don’t want that as Hispanics; we reject it.”

Republican judicial candidate for the Texas Thirteenth District Court of Appeals Aaron Peña said:

“We’re law-abiding; we worry about our safety; we worry about our economy; we love our country.

“And everything the current Democratic Party stands for is contrary to that.

“The attack on the Border Patrol is significant and very personal to me because I have relatives and friends at the Border Patrol.

“Most of them are Hispanic, you know, or people from the border. They’re our friends or our neighbors, our cousins or relatives, and the attacks on them hit us personally.

“We take it personally because they’re simply trying to do their job.

“And they’re not getting any support from the current administration.

“We feel it directly.

“Our schools are being overcrowded because we’re required to take all persons, not necessarily all citizens.

“Our hospitals are overburdened,” Pena said.

“Our health care is in jeopardy because many of the people who come are carrying illnesses, and they’re released into the community.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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