Elise Stefanik Blows Whistle: Biden Is ‘Putting Out False Information to Cover Up Failures’

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has blown the whistle on Democrat President Joe Biden by revealing that evidence has emerged showing the administration put out “false information” to cover up the failures that caused the baby formula shortage.

As Slay News first reported earlier this week, Biden’s HHS chief Xavier Becerra admitted that the White House has known that the shortage was coming since last year.

The crisis has now got so bad that Fox News is reporting some terrified moms are getting their baby formula from Mexico as the shelves down there are full.

“This should have been caught earlier on, and Republicans, including my office, was sounding the alarm about this crisis back in February when there was an announcement that the Abbott plant in Sturgis, Michigan, was shut down,” Stefanik, the number 3 House Republican, said.

“We now know from the CEO of Abbott that the FDA slow-walked their approval to reopening that.”

Stefanik then accused Biden of “putting out false information trying to cover up for their failures to identify where we were going to get supplies.”

She said Biden’s team “slow-walked getting the Sturgis, Michigan, facility back online.”

“So they’ve been aware of this.

“They’ve done everything they could not to talk about this crisis.

“That’s how out of touch they are. They laughed about it.

“That was the first public sound coming out of this administration was the newly appointed press secretary was laughing about not knowing who is responsible for baby formula.

“It was only because that press conference that Joe Biden had to scramble and that day changed his schedule to set up a call with formula manufacturers to try to show any semblance of competency which is you know, far out the door for this administration.

“There is no plan from the Democrats,” she said.

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“I think this is a much larger scandal than people realize.”

From Fox News:

Mothers in the Garden State described the challenges they’re facing amid the baby formula shortage.

The mother of an 8-month-old, Liliana, said her family from Mexico is “coming next week, and they are bringing some formula.”

“If my family didn’t come, I’d be very, very worried,” Liliana added.

She said she would consider moving to Mexico if she can’t find formula.

Supply chain issues from the COVID-19 pandemic created limited availability of many products, including baby formula.

The problem became worse when Abbott Laboratories, a top baby formula provider, recalled some products and closed a plant following a Food and Drug Administration probe. 

President Biden announced Wednesday he would invoke the Defense Production Act to ensure manufacturers have necessary supplies for baby formula production.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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