Elise Stefanik Moves to End Biden’s ‘Un-American’ Censorship Agenda: ‘This Is Unconstitutional, a Violation of Our First Amendment’

Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and other House Republicans are supporting a multistate lawsuit that seeks to end Democrat President Joe Biden’s efforts to censor the American people.

The suit was filed against the Biden administration for violating the U.S. Constitution by censoring free speech.

“The extensive investigation of the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has uncovered smoking gun documents showing how Big Tech and Big Government worked together to stifle free speech online,” House Judiciary Chair Jordan said.

“We know through the Facebook Files that the Biden Administration directed Big Tech companies to censor speech the government disagreed with, and launched a pressure campaign when companies did not comply with these censorship orders quickly enough,” he added.

Stefanik, chair of the House Republican Conference, said: “This is un-American, unconstitutional, and a violation of our First Amendment rights.

“I am proud to join this amicus brief to protect Americans’ First Amendment rights and stand up to the Biden Administration’s continued unconstitutional weaponization of the federal government against their political opponents.”

Journalist Michael Shellenberger broke down what the GOP discovered in their investigation:

“The Biden White House did not violate the First Amendment when it requested that Facebook censor information on Covid’s origin and vaccine side effects, say many policymakers, journalists, and legal experts.

“Rather, White House officials were simply expressing their free speech rights, and Facebook executives were free to ignore White House requests.

“But newly released internal emails show that Facebook executives felt pressure to comply with White House demands in order to resolve a European Union ban on the social media company’s ability to transfer the data of European users to its servers in the United States.

“In July 2021, after a White House official demanded that Facebook censor more information, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications, Nick Clegg, asked his colleagues to comply.

“The reason? Because of “the bigger fish we have to fry with the Administration — data flows etc…”

“By ‘data flows,’ Clegg was referring to the EU’s demand that Facebook stop transferring European user data — which Facebook advertisers value for targeting customers — to the United States.

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“The dispute was no small matter.

“In May of this year, EU regulators fined Meta, Facebook’s parent company, a record $1.3 billion for breaking the EU’s privacy regulations.

“The regulator said that Meta had violated a 2020 ruling by the EU’s highest court.

“Two months later, on July 10, 2023, the Biden Administration and European Union announced a deal, the ‘EU-US Data Privacy Framework.’

“The series of events suggests a quid pro quo.

“Facebook would bow to White House requests for censorship in exchange for its help with the European Union.”

Columbia Law School Professor Philip Hamburger told Public:

“This is a gross violation of the First Amendment, not only because it involves what the Supreme Court considers ‘coercion,’ but also because it’s equally unconstitutional for the government to seek censorship through contract or conspiracy.”

“And that’s what happened here,” Shellenberger noted.

“The White House wasn’t the only entity demanding that Facebook censor.

“NGOs and journalists from NBC and the New York Times were also pressuring Facebook to censor more.

“In response, Facebook executives weighed the radical ‘blackholing’ measure, which blocks links to external websites without informing users.

“But it’s clear from the newly released emails that Facebook executives felt the greatest pressure from the White House and that they feared the White House would hurt them in other ways.

“Until now, critics of government demands for greater Facebook censorship have focused on the White House’s threat to revoke Facebook’s Section 230 status, which immunizes the company from many forms of liability.

“But the new emails point to a form of government leverage over the platform that has been ignored until now: the EU demand on Facebook to stop data flows from the EU to the US, and the conditional willingness of the White House to push back against it.

“A potential end of EU-to-US data flows is an even more urgent threat to Facebook’s business than White House threats to Section 230.

“About ten percent of Facebook’s total global advertising revenue, $1.2 billion, comes from selling ads in the EU.

“While neither Congress nor the Biden Administration have shown much willingness to follow through on their threats to modify Section 230, the European Union has imposed fine after fine on Meta/Facebook.

“Last November, EU regulators fined Meta $291 million for a leak of its data.

“And in January of this year, they fined Meta $429 billion for making users accept personalized ads in order to use Facebook.

“All of which raises the question: why did EU leaders cut a deal with the Biden White House to allow Meta to move data to the United States?

“While it’s clear what Facebook and the White House got out of the secret quid pro quo, what did Europe get?”

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By David Hawkins

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