Elise Stefanik Threatens Biden with ‘Criminal Prosecution’ over Durham’s Findings: ‘The American People Suffered’

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has reached her limit with Democrat President Joe Biden after the stunning final report from Special Counsel John Durham was released.

As Slay News reported earlier, Durham’s report implicates Biden and former President Barack Obama in Hillary Clinton’s plan to falsely link Donald Trump to Russia ahead of the 2016 election.

In August 2016, Biden, while he was serving as vice president, was briefed on Clinton’s plan along with Obama and other top administration officials.

Stefanik said they knew the entire Trump-Russia story was a hoax created by Clinton but they still did not step in and stop it.

Not only did they fail to stop it, but they also helped peddle the lie, making them complicit in the conspiracy.

“This is a stunning report and every American should read this report,” Stefanik told Fox News this morning.

“At the highest level of the Oval Office including President Obama and Vice President Biden, they were aware that there was no predicate to launch the probe and they had intelligence that this was planted by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“They had contrary evidence and not a single high-ranking official stepped in to stop this.

“This is the weaponization of the federal government at the highest levels.

“We need to focus on accountability.

“Lives were ruined because of this illegal use of the FBI.

“The American people suffered.”

She issued a scathing statement where she threatened Obama and Biden with criminal prosecution:

“The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed what the American people already know.

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“That individuals at the highest levels of government attempted to overthrow democracy when they illegally weaponized the federal government against Donald J. Trump.

“This criminal abuse of power went all the way up to the Oval Office where President Obama and then Vice-President Joe Biden were in on it from the very beginning.

“This was an unlawful attempt by the politicized FBI and DOJ to meddle in our elections.

“The entire false smear was manufactured and paid for by political opponents of Donald Trump and perpetrated by the Left’s salivating mainstream media stenographers.

“Crossfire Hurricane was nothing more than an illegal, unlawful, and unAmerican abuse of power.

“I am more committed than ever to ensuring that those involved are held accountable and face criminal prosecution.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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