Elite Billionaire Foundations Flood Schools with Green Agenda Propaganda

Foundations funded by elite billionaires are flooding schools with false green agenda propaganda, according to a new report.

Global dark green money groups have been found to be pushing climate change misinformation in British schools.

Schoolchildren are encouraged to plot implausible temperature rises of 11°C, taught that alkaline oceans are “acidic,” and encouraged to write letters to policymakers claiming “our house is on fire” in the style of Greta Thunberg.

The material is being distributed around schools by a London-based operation called Climate Science.

An introductory video says the radical organization’s mission is to bring “high-quality climate education to every school, company, and individual in the world.”

Such a widespread operation does not come cheap, however.

Among the lobby group’s “partners, supporters, and friends” are green activist funders such as Schmidt Futures – the family foundation of former Google boss Eric Schmidt – and the Grantham Institute at Imperial – partly funded by green billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham.

Climate Science insists that it’s possible to accurately predict that global warming will destroy the planet because “all down to climate models.”

The organization claims that being able to get a glimpse of a potential future through “climate models” is “pretty cool.”

The school briefing notes suggest that climate models “have been used to make accurate projections for the past 50 years, and have advanced significantly during this time”.

However, those “accurate projections” do not apply to temperature forecasts, according to the Daily Sceptic.

In fact, it would more accurate to say that they have never produced an accurate forecast in 50 years of trying.

Far from becoming more accurate, they are becoming almost laughably inaccurate.

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The above graph was produced in a recent paper by physicist Nicola Scafetta.

It analyzed 38 of the main models and found that most had overestimated global warming over the last 40 years.

Many of them should be “dismissed and not used by policymakers”, he concluded.

The thick green line shows the actual temperature measured by accurate satellite recordings.

Interestingly, the models started to go haywire at a time when the warming scare was gaining political traction and critical debate on the science started to be discouraged.

The World Climate Declaration has been signed by almost 300 university professors, led by a Nobel physics laureate Professor Ivar Giaever.

“We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models,” says the Declaration.

“In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.”

Meanwhile, back in British classrooms, schoolchildren are being told that we can “expect to see an increase of 4.5°C in global temperatures by 2100 and an increase of roughly 11°C by the end of 2200.”

To ram the message home, children must plot the graph below.

There is of course no mention that it is unknown how much temperature will rise if carbon dioxide is doubled in the atmosphere.

Scientists debate a range from around 0.5°C to 6°C.

Recently, the estimates have tended to fall away from the upper end, not least because global warming has been running out of steam for over two decades.

Some scientists argue that the warming properties of COdiminish on a logarithmic basis past certain concentrations as the gas becomes saturated in the atmosphere.

If, and it is an if, CO2 doubles in the atmosphere by 2200, even the most extreme estimates of temperature rise come nowhere close to 11°C.

Further misinformation is contained in the statement that average temperatures over the last 10,000 years have risen “very gradually” by no more than 1°C.

Living things are said to have had time to adapt to gradually changing conditions.

This entirely misses the point that over the last 10,000 years, there have been a number of warming periods when temperatures were higher than they are today.

Recently, evidence emerged that suggested the high Austrian Alps were up to 7°C warmer in summer between 4,000 BC and AD 70 than today.

Humans, of course, are capable of adapting quickly to temperature changes much higher than an almost unnoticeable 1°C.

Corals are tricky territory for climate alarmists these days since the Great Barrier Reef is currently reporting 35-year record levels.

But in the schools’ material, they are said to have been “harmed by the effects of climate change.”

Yet there is no evidence that observed long-term changes in the climate have caused recent significant damage.

In fact, tropical corals have been around for 500 million years and grow in waters between 24-32°C.

Recent bleaching was mostly caused by temporary spikes in water temperatures, easily attributed to natural El Niño oscillations.

Instead, Climate Science puts an emphasis on ocean “acidification.”

This claim comes despite the fact that an entry-level chemistry course would note that oceans are not acidic but alkaline.

Humans are said to release “nasty gases” into the air and this “sours” the ocean.

The corals become stressed, die and turn white.

In fact, corals don’t die first, they bleach and this process is almost entirely due to changing water temperatures.

“Nasty gases” of course is a way to demonize CO2 among the younger generation, despite the gas being vital to all life on Earth.

The ocean is in fact very alkaline and numerous exchanges, many little understood, influence its pH value.

In addition, slightly higher temperatures release COfrom the oceans.

Needless to say, schoolchildren are encouraged to engage in “climate activism.”

This is despite the fact that many activists are said to be in danger of “persecution,” and receiving “threats” from animal farmers, fossil fuel, and mining interests.

Further information on these threats is not provided.

Children are also advised to pick an activist from a list including Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot and fill a poster board full of their good works.

Letters to policymakers should stress the emotions, they are told.

It is said to be important to learn how other writers present their arguments so children can use these techniques in their own writing.

One of the “pillars” suggested is Thunberg’s claim before the World Economic Forum in 2019 that “Our house is on fire, I am here to say, our house is on fire.”

As with the Jesuits, so with the new climate religion. Belief is everything.

“There are no grey areas when it comes to survival,” the children are told.

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By Frank Bergman

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