Elon Musk Asks ‘Where Is the Manifesto’ of Transgender Nashville Mass Shooter: ‘Unabomber Got His Published’

Twitter boss Elon Musk has taken to social media to ask why the manifesto of transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale hasn’t been published.

As Slay News reported, Hale, a biological woman who claimed to be male, murdered six people, including three children, at a Nashville, Tennessee Christian school.

Typically, the corporate media scrambles to publish information following a mass shooting in the hope of somehow linking the event to President Donald Trump or using the tragedy to advance the Democrats’ anti-gun agenda.

However, the story from Nashville, which saw a radical leftist murdering innocent Christians, has quickly faded from the news cycle.

And despite authorities confirming that Hale produced a manifesto before the massacre, it has yet to be made public.

In a post on Twitter, Musk asked “Where is the manifesto?”

“The Unabomber got his published…” he added.

Musk’s comment was in response to a tweet from End Wokeness:

“An old white man shoots a trespasser and immediately the media has a motive.

“A trans terrorist murders Christian kids and they pretend there’s no motive.

“Even though there’s literally a manifesto”

After the targeted shooting of six individuals including three children at a Christian school in Nashville TN, it was made public that there were writings of the shooters that had been found including a manifesto.

Weeks after this the manifesto still hasn’t been made public.

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Many have called for the manifesto to be made public.

Rasmussen polled Nashville voters to see if they wanted the FBI to release the manifesto.

Of those surveyed, 68 percent said they wanted it released.

Meanwhile, just 17 percent said they did not want it published, and 15% were unsure.

David Rausch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has said the writings are deranged “rantings” and don’t amount to a “manifesto.”

The move to not release the manifesto has only led to speculation that the FBI is afraid of retaliation against the transgender community.

Many want to see the manifesto, hoping to have more closure for a city rattled by the actions of the transgender individual.

There is speculation that the government and media want to cover up the manifesto because it could derail the Democrats’ radical trans agenda.

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By David Lindfield
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