Elon Musk Mocks Kamala Harris’ New ‘AI Czar’ Role: ‘Someone Who Can Fix Their Own WiFi Router Wouldn’t Be Too Much to Ask’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk took a swipe at Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris and her new role in the Biden administration.

Democrat President Joe Biden named Harris as the White House’s new artificial intelligence (AI) czar.

The move has led many to question Harris’ experience in the field.

CEO of software startup Replit Amjad Masad said after the move: “Did @elonmusk think they’re going to revive Von Neumann and have him head AI regulation?

“You get what you ask for, good and hard.”

John von Neumann was a Hungarian-born mathematician and physicist.

He was one of the pioneers of computer science and quantum mechanics.

Musk said: “Von Neumann … would obviously be a bridge too far.”

He then contiued by dropping the hammer on hapless Harris.

“But maybe someone who can fix their own WiFi router wouldn’t be too much to ask,” he said of “AI Czar” Harris.

Hollywood star James Woods shared Musk’s concerns, as Slay News reported.

“When you consider that the trillions of dollars spent by the federal government comes from your labor, ask yourself this: are you getting your money’s worth?

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“Example: Is the $140,000,000 being spent to have Kamala Harris investigate Artificial Intelligence a good investment?”

When she was inexplicably picked for the job, Harris said:

“Advances in technology have always presented opportunities and risks, and generative AI is no different.

“AI is one of today’s most powerful technologies, with the potential to improve people’s lives and tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

“At the same time, AI has the potential to dramatically increase threats to safety and security, infringe civil rights and privacy, and erode public trust and faith in democracy.

“Throughout my career, I have focused on protecting consumers from the risks associated with technology.

“As Attorney General for the State of California, I worked to protect seniors from online scammers, women and girls from online harassment, and consumers from privacy breaches, including by establishing a Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit within the California Department of Justice.

“As a United States Senator and member of the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, we investigated Russian interference in the 2016 election and produced empirical evidence that state actors will use technology to undermine democracy.

“Through this work, it was evident that advances in technology, including the challenges posed by AI are complex.

“Government, private companies, and others in society must tackle these challenges together.

“President Biden and I are committed to doing our part – including by advancing potential new regulations and supporting new legislation – so that everyone can safely benefit from technological innovations.

“As I shared today with CEOs of companies at the forefront of American AI innovation, the private sector has an ethical, moral, and legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their products.

“And every company must comply with existing laws to protect the American people.

“I look forward to the follow through and follow up in the weeks to come.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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