Elon Musk Sets Fauci Straight: ‘Anyone Who Says That Questioning Them Is Questioning Science Itself Cannot Be Regarded as a Scientist’

Elon Musk has overruled Dr. Anthony Fauci and laid down the law on Twitter, promising to follow the science.

In a post on Twitter, Musk noted that “following the science” must include asking hard questions.

Musk said:

“New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science.

“Anyone who says that questioning them is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

The last comment was directed at Fauci, who said earlier: “That’s what’s called the scientific process.

“As you get more information, it’s essential that you change your opinion, because you’ve got to be guided by the science and the current data.

“Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science.

“All of the things I have spoken about, consistently, from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science.

“Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people.”

Musk also touted some incredible scientific breakthroughs with mRNA technology. 

Peter H. Diamandis, MD said:

“In 2022, breakthrough vaccines for Malaria and all Influenza strains were discovered.

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“SEPT- Novel malaria vaccine developed by Oxford University scientists was found to be up to 80% effective at preventing infection.

“DEC- a research team led by GW University developed two highly-effective mRNA vaccines that reduced both malaria infection and transmission.

“NOV – mRNA-based experimental influenza vaccine was found to produce antibody responses against all 20 known strains of influenza A and B in tests on mice and ferrets, with lasting protection for 4 months.

“A combination of Moderna’s experimental cancer vaccine, referred as mRNA-4157/V940, and Merck’s immunotherapy called Keytruda is successful against melanoma, considered the deadliest skin cancer, reducing the risk of recurrence or death by 44% during Phase 2 clinical trials.”

Musk said:

“Synthetic mRNA has incredible potential!”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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