Elon Musk Trolls Left about Becoming a Conservative, Leftists Fire Back with ‘Woke’ Lectures

New Twitter boss Elon Musk won the internet today with an epic takedown of his far-left critics.

Musk shared an image that detailed the shift in his politics from closer to a liberal to closer to a conservative over the last decade.

The timeline shows three years, first in 2008, then in 2012, and lastly in 2021, and how he shifted to the right not because of what he did or what conservatives did, but because the left went ‘woke progressive.’

In the 2021 version, to the left of Musk stretching out the diagram is the work progressive who is calling anyone to the right of them a “bigot!”

Pretty much spot on.

Many comments from the left tried to tell Musk that he was wrong and that in fact, the right has been the ones to stretch the graph.

They posted charts for him and links to their articles.

But all they did was prove his point because he said this is how he feels. Because it happened to him, they are calling him a bigot right now.

And the left, rather than try to understand where the smartest man in the world is coming from, closed their ears and lectured him instead.

And that is why they will lose.

One Twitter user tried to lecture the smartest man in the world with:

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“Hey Elon, what if I was to tell you that the data shows a very different story about which party is radical? Would you have the balls to even look at it?”

Another said:


Minimum wage: $7.25/hr

Elon’s net worth: $2 billion


Minimum wage: $7.25/hr

Elon’s net worth: $277 billion

But she was rebuked by conservative author Carmine Sabia who said:

“Sounds like Elon may have formed a company that is wildly successful at making electric cars, another that takes people into space and another that brings the Internet to people. And the people making minimum wage did, what?”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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