Utah Mayor Deals Blow to Mitt Romney, Announces Primary Challenge to Take His Senate Seat: ‘Enough Is Enough’

A Utah mayor has dealt a massive blow to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and announced he is launching a primary challenge for the Republican senator’s seat in the next election.

He is the first candidate to officially challenge Romney.

Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, a Republican, said: “I love my children, and I’m worried about the country they will inherit if I sit on the sidelines.

“For too long, we’ve allowed government bureaucrats to spend away the next generation’s future, and we need more voices willing to push back.

“Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has let personal beefs get in the way of good governance.

“From not standing with Mike Lee against raising the debt ceiling to voting for the $1.7 trillion omnibus, he has helped drive us deeper in debt.

“He votes to impeach President Trump but then has the nerve to confirm a radical justice like Ketanji Brown Jackson and incompetent cabinet members like open border Mayorkas.

“Mitt Romney fits in the Senate much better than I do.

“We’ve elected far too many people who ‘fit in’ in Washington.

“I’m not going to Washington to make friends, I’m going to make change.

“We have more IRS agents than border agents, and while we’re paying $4 a gallon for gas, they’re sending our money unchecked to Ukraine.

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“Now we’re almost $32 trillion in debt. Enough is enough.

“A few years ago, Mitt Romney moved to Utah and told us what he would fight for.

“But the only thing I’ve seen him fight for are the establishment, wokeness, open borders, impeaching President Trump, and putting us even deeper into debt,” he said.


Romney filed FEC paperwork last month as a first step to running for re-election.

However, he has not yet formally announced his candidacy.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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