EU Chief Warns WEF Elites of ‘Industrial Scale Disinformation,’ Demands Censorship

The unelected head of the European Union, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has warned global power elites gathered for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual summit that they must focus their energy on censoring so-called “disinformation.”

At the opening of the annual WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland, von der Leyen called for increased cooperation between governments and private corporations to enforce tech censorship in the face of “industrial scale disinformation.”

Von der Leyen was following in the example of WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab’s “Global Risk Report.”

The EU chief, who previously served on the WEF’s board of trustees, used her address in Davos on Tuesday to highlight the alleged “risks” of allowing the public to exercise free speech and express wrongthink.

Von der Leyen argues that the free flow of information has created the alleged threat of “disinformation and misinformation.”

“These risks are serious because they limit our ability to tackle the big global challenges we are facing: changes in our climate – and our geopolitical climate; shifts in our demography and in our technology; spiraling regional conflicts and intensified geopolitical competition and their impacts on supply chains,” she said.

The EU chief therefore called for governments and private firms to form a “new connective tissue” to “deliver the solutions we need, to fight threats like climate change or industrial-scale disinformation.”

Von der Leyen said that the need to combat disinformation is “more important than ever” given that 2024 will be the largest election year in the history of the world.

This year, 41 percent of the global population, an estimated 3.2 billion people, are set to head to the polls.

“Like in all democracies, our freedom comes with risks,” she said.

“There will always be those who try to exploit our openness, both from inside and outside.

“There will always be attempts to push us off track, for example with disinformation and misinformation.”

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Despite left-wing globalists often touting themselves as the stewards of democracy, this appears to only apply so long as citizens vote the way they want.

Indeed, longtime Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt raised the alarm following President Donald Trump’s historic victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

Verhofstadt declared that “democracy is fighting for survival” and warned the “Window is closing for Europe too!”

The EU president also highlighted the Digital Services Act (DSA) instituted by Brussels at the end of 2022 and is set to come into full force next month.

The DSA vastly expanded the censorship powers of the European Union to police so-called “hate speech” and disinformation.

Starting in February, social media companies and websites will face fines of up to six percent of their global revenue if they fail to comply with the speech restrictions.

In addition, platforms also face the possibility of being banned entirely across the European Union under the new regulation.

“We defined the responsibilities of large internet platforms on the content they promote and propagate,” von der Leyen said.

“A responsibility to children and vulnerable groups targeted by hate speech but also a responsibility to our societies as a whole.”

Meanwhile, WEF senior advisor Yuval Noah Harari has warned that President Trump will deal a “death blow” to the globalists’ agenda if he’s reelected this year.

As Slay News reported, Harari was asked during a new interview if he’s “concerned that Trump might be elected again.”

“I think it’s very likely,” Harari responded.

“And if it happens, it is likely to be the kind of – like – the death blow to what remains of the global order.

“And, he says it openly.

“Now, it should be clear that many of these politicians, they present a false binary vision of the world.

“As if you have to choose between patriotism and globalism – between being loyal to your nation and being loyal to some kind of – I don’t know – global government or whatever.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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