Ex-Aide Exposes John McCain’s Putin Ties and Meghan’s Tantrums: ‘Rotten, Entitled, Spoiled, Cruel, Raging, Screaming, Crying’

A former aide to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has spilled the beans on the late senator’s ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Steve Schmidt was a GOP political consultant.

He worked for George W. Bush and John McCain.

He went full never Trumper and became an MSNBC celebrity.

He helped found the Lincoln Project, a group of ex-GOP consultants who battled Trump in the 2020 election.

That is who this guy is so keep that in mind when you read what he says about John and Meghan McCain.

Because he makes some stunning claims.

He says it was John who had deep ties to Putin’s inner circle and that John even celebrated his 70th birthday on a Russian oligarch’s yacht.

And he said today the McCain Institute still has deep ties to Putin and his inner circle.

Remember, it was McCain who was one of the biggest pushers of the false Trump-Russia story.

If this is true he probably would have known it was all BS and he pushed it anyway. Wow.

Schmidt also claims Meghan is a spoiled brat who was such a nightmare to everyone he had to kick her off the campaign plane.

He said:

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“I had no interest whatsoever in running a Presidential Campaign in 2008.

“One of my closest friends was running John McCain’s campaign and John Weaver was the chief strategist.

“There were two factions in the campaign.

“There was a pro-democracy faction and there was a pro-Russia faction.

“The pro-democracy faction was led by Weaver and the pro Russia faction was led by a Washington lobbyist who was in business with Paul Manafort.

“Like Manafort, he had a Trump Tower residence.

“He was in charge of the campaigns finances and bankrupted the campaign through a series of unethical transactions and markups with Manafort and a company called 3 EDC.

“The campaign was destroyed over a massive fight over John McCain’s greatest blind spot, willful or otherwise.

“@MeghanMcCain this is the story of the man you call Uncle Rick and it explains how we met. I’ll attach a story from @thenation that I only read recently, though it is from 2008. It is spot on

“@MeghanMcCain. Your Father tolerated his campaign chairman being in business and working for Putin through his association with Yanukovych.”

He continues:

“Yanukovych, as you probably have no idea, was Putin’s puppet in Ukraine.

“The story of American corruption in Ukraine starts here. It starts in John McCain’s operation, not Trump.

“@MeghanMcCain, did you know that your dad was taken on Oleg Deripaska’s yacht in Montenegro for his 70th Birthday by his top aide?

“It was a McCain guy who represented the interests of the Russian Government in the Montenegro Independence referendum. Weaver was aghast.

“This is why the campaign went KABOOM in July of 2008 and your father went from front runner to middle seat on a SouthWest Flight with the National Press Corps gathered in NH waiting for him to drop out.

“That is when John McCain called me and asked me for help. It is the opening scene of Game Change. I helped him and his corresponding comeback made him the GOP a nominee for POTUS.

“In return, 14 non stop years of abuse from @MeghanMcCain  the singularly most rotten person I have ever met.

“The McCain Institute is supposed to fight for freedom and liberty but it has Putin and Yanukovych alumni on the Board.

“It is gross and we live in an era that requires the exposure of corruption and hypocrisy not its accommodation.

“Do you have any idea how disappointed the brave people in Ukraine would be learning that one of Victor Yanukovych right hands is on the Board of the McCain Institute.”

Then he turned to Meghan:

”Meghan McCain has been trying to have a conversation with me for almost 14 years.

“Once again, today, she called me a Pedophile. It is a slander. It is disgusting. It is untrue and it says everything about her. Here she is liking the tweet of a far right liar and piece of filth.

“After 14 years of abuse and attacks, today is the day I have decided to respond. I am happy to keep the story going after this thread, it only gets better.

“I was the first adult that @MeghanMcCain ever encountered that she heard the word NO from.

“I told her she was unimportant and that the Presidential election wasn’t about her.

“I left her on the tarmac when she didn’t make the plane because as I explained to her, the 5000 people who were waiting to see her father speak and took the time to do it deserved to have him show up on time.

“That was the way John McCain saw it.

“He was appalled by @MeghanMcCain conduct on the campaign. Appalled and embarrassed.

“The tantrums were beyond anything I have ever witnessed from any other human being.

“They were epic meltdowns that would test the range of Meryl Streep, Kate Winslett, Jodi Foster and Anne Hathaway on their best days.

“Raging, screaming, crying, at the staff, at the makeup people at Secret Service.

“Without any doubt it was the most rotten, entitled, spoiled, cruel, mean and bullying behavior I have ever witnessed.

“It was my job to confront it and I did.

“I told her that she was unimportant and that everything around her had nothing to do with her.

“I told her she was privileged and lucky and should be grateful.

“She told me and anyone else who would listen in response, ‘Do you know who the F**k my Dad is?’

“It was the miserable anthem of the total chaos that was the McCain Campaign. It never stopped until one day when I said ENOUGH!

“Meghan McCain is a bully, entitled, unaccomplished, spoiled and mean.

“She has rejected her Family’s history of service for a shallow and purposeless celebrity where she trades on a famous name like a fourth-generation wannabe clipping coupons while pretending to be an heir.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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