Excess Deaths Surged Among Covid-Vaccinated Elderly Patients, Investigation Finds

A team of researchers has conducted an investigation into the suspiciously large number of excess deaths among elderly patients who had been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Matthias Hoben at the University of Alberta as well as at York University, School of Health Policy and Management, led the study.

Hoden and colleagues conducted a population-based, retrospective cohort study involving residents living in both Assisted Living (AL) and Nursing Homes (NH) facilities in Canada.

They examined facilities operated or contracted with the Alberta Provincial Healthcare system to provide publicly funded care in that part of Canada from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2021.

They sought to investigate links between a major surge in excess deaths and the Covid injections, which were rolled out for public use in early 2021.

A significant and growing congregate care option for vulnerable older adults designed to reduce the use of nursing homes, assisted living was less of a focus during the pandemic.

In fact, according to Hoben and his team, only a few US studies examine assisted living facilities.

As part of Hoden’s new study, the researchers sought to assess excess mortality among AL and NH residents with and without dementia or significant cognitive impairment in Alberta, Canada, during the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They compared the data to the excess deaths for 3 years before.

The results were just published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors.

In this study, the authors find excess mortality within both AL and NH facilities and suggest a need to focus on infection prevention and control measures across all forms of congregate housing for vulnerable older adults.

A group that’s even more vulnerable during a pandemic: residents with dementia in particular.

In this population-based cohort study, the authors employ the use of sophisticated statistical methods to address what has been a notable knowledge gap: the difference in excess mortality between nursing home (NH) and assisted living (AL) residents overall as well as by dementia/cognitive impairment status.

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This is the first evidence beyond a U.S.-based study demonstrating AL residents were affected by excess mortality during the pandemic as severely as (or even more than) NH residents.

According to a Health Canada report, 2021 involved a widespread vaccination program—part of the national countermeasure deployment in response to the national public health emergency in that country.

78% of the Alberta population are classified as fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

And importantly, literature suggests Albertans were mostly in favor of Covid vaccine passports.

As of today, 82.1% of doses delivered to Alberta have been administered, with the majority of vaccinated receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA injection.

Additionally, the vast majority of the elderly were fully vaccinated.

As reported in the Journal of American Medical Directors, Dr. Hoben and his team found a higher incidence of excess mortality in assisted living facilities versus nursing homes.

The authors find weekly peaks in excess deaths coincided with the Covid mRNA vaccine rollout.

Mortality rates were also higher among those with diagnosed dementia or significant cognitive impairment in both assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The data from this study clearly exhibits a notable spike in excess deaths at the beginning of pandemic wave 4 (September–October 2021).

However, by this time, the elderly population residing in assisted living facilities and nursing homes were universally vaccinated.

The study’s authors found that excess deaths surged far higher among the vaccinated than they ever did during the peak wave of the pandemic before vaccines were released.

According to the study, the mRNA shots killed more than COVID-19 itself, even among the most vulnerable citizens.

The researchers are now calling for access to datasets covering 2022 and 2023 to determine if excess mortality in assisted living facilities and nursing homes extended beyond late 2021.

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