Expert Witness Testifies Katie Hobbs Working with Mexican Cartel to Launder Money, Rig Elections, Open Border

An expert witness has given an explosive testimony before the Arizona Joint Elections Committee, exposing widespread corruption in the upper echelons of the state’s government.

This week, the Arizona Senate and House Elections Committees heard testimony and presentations from multiple individuals regarding election anomalies.

Expert witnesses were called to present evidence of potential fraud in Arizona’s elections.

Forensic financial investigator Jacqueline Breger blew the lid off the hearing when she made several bombshell allegations during her testimony.

According to Breger, the recently installed governor, Democrat Katie Hobbs, and several other top Arizona officials have been working with Mexico’s deadly Sinaloa Cartel for years.

Breger detailed her findings during the hearing that suggest Hobbs has been working with the dangerous Mexican cartel to launder money, keep the border open for drug smuggling and human trafficking, and rig elections to keep cartel-friendly officials in power.

According to reporter J.D. Rucker, who was among the first to cover the testimony, Breger’s investigation uncovered a scheme that allegedly involves Hobbs laundering money for the cartel through fake property deeds and mortgages.

Breger accuses Hobbs, who was Secretary of State presiding over her own gubernatorial election against Republican Kari Lake, of having a long and demonstrable history of corruption.

The allegations include using Mexican cartel money to steal multiple state elections.

The money laundering and racketeering scheme allegedly uses fraudulent mortgages, real estate transactions, and insurance claims in Maricopa County to hide money made through cartel human trafficking, drug trafficking, and bribery of elected officials, and to rig elections, intimidate, or murder those who threaten the operation.


The alleged scheme involves creating identities, credentials, and professional licenses for “non-existent individuals.”

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If true, these fabricated documents could be used for fake voter registrations.

The Maricopa County computer database is also used for the alleged “removal of genuine documents from the county system.”

As the Gateway Pundit reports, Breger identifies herself as a longtime Arizona resident and a forensic investigator with the Harris/Thaler Law Corporation.

She specializes in investigating multi-state racketeering and corruption.

Breger states that she holds a master’s degree in marketing and honors degrees in Finance, Financial Accounting, Business, statistics, economics, and business strategy.

Breger claims that attorney John Thaler investigated money laundering and racketeering in Maricopa County and reviewed over 120,000 documents which include “fake notarizations, fake deeds of trust, fraudulent buyers and or sellers of the real property transactions, as well as other companies used in real estate transactions, such as real estate brokers, mortgage companies Title and Escrow companies, real estate inspection companies, service companies.”

The “about” section on Thaler’s LinkedIn page states, “

“Our primary findings were first reported to Governor Ducey in 2022,” states Breger.

“These documents have definitely evidenced multiple racketeering enterprises, which include narcotic sales, money laundering, tax evasion, payroll, theft, bankruptcy fraud, life insurance fraud, auto insurance fraud, bribing of elected and appointed officials, creating and modifying public record, falsifying professional licenses and related credentials, swatting individuals who pose a threat to these enterprises, and last but not least, election fraud.”

According to Breger, “six attempts have been made on Thaler’s life” including one attempt to slash his tires in an undetectable manner and cause death.

As Rucker notes, despite the explosive nature of Berger’s allegations, her testimony is being widely ignored by the corporate media.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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