First Democrat Rep Calls for Answers about Biden’s Involvement in Family Business Deals

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) has called for answers regarding Democrat President Joe Biden’s family’s shady foreign business dealings.

Dean appeared on CNN and argued that “there are questions that can be asked and should be answered” about President Biden’s role in his son Hunter’s business.

However, Dean then tried to downplay the allegation against Biden by falsely claiming that House committees don’t have any evidence against the Bidens.

But the shift is on as Democrats try to keep up with the White House’s changing story.

As Slay News reported, team Biden has now changed its language regarding the Biden family business to match the new irrefutable evidence that is being exposed by congressional investigators.

CNN co-host John Berman asked Dean: “On the subject of what could be a pending impeachment inquiry into President Biden, what questions, if any, do you have about Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter Biden’s business dealings?”

Dean said, “I don’t have any at this point.

“But, certainly, there are questions that can be asked and should be answered, if there was any connection.”

“But we don’t see any evidence of that whatsoever,” she then falsely alleged.

“So, they’re making it up out of whole cloth.”

However, as Berman noted, such evidence would be revealed during public hearings.

Berman asked, “And where would you learn that evidence, if not for an inquiry?”

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Despite Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) efforts to expose the explosive Biden Bribery Scheme scandal, Dean then tried to smear the House Judiciary Committee chairman as “weak.”

“Well, sadly, we won’t learn it by way of our Judiciary Committee, which is now led by Rep. Jim Jordan.

“He’s Chair of Judiciary.

“And he’s proven himself to be very weak in the hearings that we have had this Congress.

“He’s just not hitting the mark on any of the things he’s trying to prove.

“And what is so dangerous is the willingness of Mr. Jordan and others on the Republican side of the dais in Judiciary to absolutely peddle in lies.

“They call all of our witnesses to swear to tell the truth.

“And yet, they peddle lies as they ask their questions.

“So, we’re not going to get good information under any kind of leadership from Mr. McCarthy or Mr. Jordan,” she said.

It looks like Jordan is hitting the mark and the Democrats are scrambling for a good answer for Biden’s shady behavior.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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