First Lady Told Top Donors Biden Was ‘Ready to Go’ before Trainwreck Debate

Before Democrat President Joe Biden walked onto the residential debate stage and delivered a historic trainwreck performance, the first lady assured his campaign’s biggest donors that he was “ready to go.”

Jill Biden’s assurances have emerged after her husband was utterly humiliated over his disastrous debate performance with President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, First Lady Jill Biden reportedly convinced major donors that the Democrat president was going to deliver a solid performance on the night.

Time Magazine reported that Jill Biden met with some of the big-wig donors of the president’s campaign prior to the debate.

The first lady apparently told them what they wanted to hear to put their minds at ease.

Clearly, she was wrong, and the donors are undoubtedly second-guessing the big checks they’ve already written, and any further checks in the future.

The outlet described how Jill Biden, who often has to clean up for her cognitively challenged husband, tackled the debate pre-game with their biggest check-writers.

As President Biden was going over his final notes with his inner circle and getting ready to debate Trump on June 27 in Atlanta, his wife “slipped into a nearby meeting of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors,” Time reported Friday.

“The Biden Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee’s financial bigwigs had all assembled in the Ritz Carlton as part of a two-day political briefing that featured emotional pep talks and face-time with VIPs. ‘Joe’s ready to go,’ Dr. Biden told the group. ‘He’s prepared.’”

Time Magazine, usually a Biden-friendly publication, slammed the brakes on its support when it concluded with, “Fact check: false.”

The magazine released an absolutely devastating and unprecedented cover depicting Biden’s downfall after the debate.

The magazine wrote a scathing assessment of Biden’s performance and made it clear that it believes.

Like many others do now in the Democratic Party, the publication argues that needs replacing sooner than later.

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“Was there any way to get him off the ticket?” the magazine wrote.

“And if not, was there any chance to stagger across the finish line with a deeply flawed candidate?”

It added, “Either way, it was nothing like what Biden and his team had plotted while secluded at the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland’s mountains for six full days of rehearsal in an airplane hangar and movie theater.”

Perhaps more shocking than Biden’s performance, however, is the reaction from Democrats and their media allies.

Why was it such a surprise to them that Biden isn’t up to the job?

Biden’s struggles during the 2020 were glaringly obvious and he has deteriorated significantly since taking office.

It raises questions about why Democrats and the Left are so shocked by Biden’s behavior when outlets such as Slay News have been reporting on his decline for years.

The reality is that it was most likely not a surprise at all and all this has been carefully planned for a long time.

In the coming weeks and months, that plan will become clearer.

Biden’s campaign has vowed that he’ll stay on the ticket, even with the bad debate performance.

Time will tell how long that holds true.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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