Florida Lawmakers Quietly File Bill Allowing DeSantis to Run for President While Serving as Governor

Lawmakers in Florida have quietly filed a state Senate bill that would allow Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to run for president while still serving as governor.

The Florida Senate filed the bill as the whole country was fixated on the Democrats’ politically motivated indictment of President Donald Trump.

Florida currently has a “resign to run law” that would force DeSantis to leave his position as governor to pursue a presidential run.

However, with Republicans having control of both chambers of the state legislature, they could repeal the election law allowing the governor to run without resigning.

In the past, DeSantis has brushed aside talks of a possible presidential run.

More recently, however, the governor has been occasionally flirting with reporters on the idea.

“I have what it takes to be president, and I can beat Biden,” DeSantis said.

The move comes as DeSantis, who has yet to announce a bid for the 2024 White House formally, is being widely seen as a top contender for the Republican nomination.

For several months, DeSantis and Trump have been taking the lead in polls.

Nevertheless, Trump remains a clear favorite among Republicans.

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DeSantis, who has risen to fame for attacking the “woke” Left’s radical agenda, has been leading Trump’s primary challengers in the polls, despite never indicating a run for the Oval Office.

However, Trump’s indictment may have bought him the Republican nomination ticket.

According to a Fox News poll, Trump now holds 50 percent support among voters in the GOP primary race, taking the lead by 30 points over DeSantis.

Republican pollster Daron Shaw said voters “view [Trump’s indictment] case as politically motivated, and it reanimates feelings that Trump is still fighting forces they see as corrupt and out of control.”

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By David Lindfield
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