Former Clinton Judge Accuses Aileen Cannon of Displaying ‘Visceral Dislike’ of Jack Smith

Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over one of President Donald Trump’s cases, has been accused of displaying a “visceral dislike” of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

This accusation came from retired federal Judge Shira Scheindlin, an appointee of former President Bill Clinton.

Scheindlin discussed Cannon’s conduct in handling the trump documents case, as Newsweek reported.

According to the former judge, she has been shocked by Cannon’s “dislike of the government and her favoritism toward the defense.”

Scheindlin, who served as a federal judge for more than two decades, told NPR:

“I’m not saying that that’s going to, in the end, determine how she rules on everything, but she seems to have a visceral dislike of Jack Smith and his team.

“She’s constantly criticizing them.

“She’s constantly being sharp and sarcastic with them, and she almost never treats the defense that way.”

She indefinitely postponed the start of the trial last month, citing the significant number of unresolved pre-trial motions and issues that must be addressed prior to the case proceeding to trial.

The trial was scheduled to commence on May 20, as she had initially set it.

Scheindlin continued by accusing Judge Cannon of “favoritism” toward Trump,

She stated that the most notable aspect of Cannon is “how she has constantly caused delay in the case instead of moving it forward.”

Scheindlin stated that Cannon has been unable to rule in an efficient fashion.

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Instead, Cannon has been holding onto motions and keeping them pending, resulting in a lack of a final decision on the matter, according to Scheindlin.

“Most experienced judges, which of course I considered myself after 27 years, try to know which motions really require further consideration and argument and which, you know, instinctively you could say frankly, one word: denied,” the retired judge said.

“And you can rule from the bench.”

Notably, Scheindlin didn’t comment on the conduct of Democrat Judge Juan Merchan who oversaw Trump’s so-called “hush money” case.

Merchan has been widely accused of siding with Democrat prosecutors in an effort to railroad Trump into a “guilty” verdict during the politically motivated case.

Scheindlin’s criticisms of Cannon and her decisions regarding Trump’s federal case in Florida were strikingly similar to the song and dance pushed by those other disgruntled left-wing members of the legal community.

In a video earlier this month, Ben Meiselas, who serves as an attorney and co-founder of the liberal MeidasTouch media outlet, had some of the same takes on the case.

Meiselas had harsh words for Cannon for her use of paperless orders.

According to the liberal lawyer, the orders were a strategy “to try to screw around with the scheduling and make things complicated and delay things in order to try to help Donald Trump.”

“Without making any substantive ruling… she won’t get reversed by the 11th circuit like she was back in 2022 when she unlawfully asserted equitable jurisdiction over the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago,” Meiselas said.

Meiselas added:

“If Jack Smith went to the 11th Circuit and said, ‘Look what’s going on with the scheduling,’ the 11th Circuit would say, ‘We really don’t have jurisdiction to even address this.'”

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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