Fox News Calls for Investigation into CBS & NBC for Sitting on Biden Classified Docs Story to Help Dems in Election

Fox & Friends star Steve Doocy has called for an investigation into CBS and NBC after it emerged that the networks withheld the story on President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents to protect the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Doocy argues that the networks should be investigated over the claims they knew of the scandal in the run-up to the midterms but chose to sit on the information until this month.

Brian Kilmeade said: “The other bigger question is why didn’t we know about this before the election?

“Whose decision was it?”

Ainsley Earhardt said: “Biden said President Trump was ‘irresponsible‘ for having classified information.

“Meanwhile, we keep finding more at his location, at his office in Washington, three different times, they found classified materials at his Wilmington, Delaware house.

“We want to know why they kept this from the American people before the election.

“They knew about this days before the midterms.

“Why was Trump’s house raided and not Biden’s house?

“Why did the FBI take pictures of Trump’s classified documents and not Joe Biden’s, and why weren’t Donald Trump’s attorneys allowed to be inside Mar-a-Lago when they were raiding his house, yet Biden’s attorneys were the ones that found all this classified information.”

Steve Doocy said:

“Now, it kind of looks like somebody, maybe on the Democrat side, is trying to sandbag Joe, get rid of Joe for 2024.

“Because this was not an authorized leak from the Department of Justice.

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“They kept it quiet for months, and then suddenly, conveniently, new year, what do we learn?

“We find out all this stuff.”

Kilmeade said Karl Rove told him that CBS, the network that broke the story, had the story in November “and they held it.”

Kilmeade said:

“Why did they hold it?

“Who convinced them to hold it?

“Since when do you hold a story like this until January?

“And then NBC finds out about the next tranche that was found.

“These are two outlets pursuing a story, and they seem pretty exercised in the press room too.”

“If that is true, then NBC and CBS, if they knew before the election, they both helped the Democrats,” said Doocy.

“And that needs to be an investigation.”



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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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