Piers Morgan Slams Biden over Viral Incident with Toddler: ‘I’d Be Getting the Police, It’s Definitely Unpresidential’

“Fox News Tonight” guest host Piers Morgan called out Democrat President Joe Biden for “literally nibbling” on “a frightened young girl” in Finland.

Morgan continued by comparing Biden to Hannibal Lecter.

As Slay News reported, a video went viral on social media over the weekend that Biden’s bizarre behavior when he spotted a toddler in the crown.

The video appears to show Biden pushing his face into the child’s back with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.

According to the clip, Biden’s tongue appears to be in contact with the toddler’s clothing.

The footage triggered a widespread backlash on social media, with many accusing the president of inappropriate behavior.


During his show, Morgan slammed Biden over the incident.

“Welcome back to Fox News Tonight,” Morgan said.

“How’s your day going?

“I only ask because it can’t be going quite as badly as the president of the United States, who was caught nibbling on a frightened young girl during his trip to Finland.

“How does he keep doing this?

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“Why does he keep doing this?

“You think he’s Hannibal Lecter or something?

“It’s creepy. It’s weird.

“It’s definitely unpresidential.

“And as Tomi Lahren tweeted earlier today, it looks like he mistook the girl for an ice cream cone.

“Well, sadly this isn’t the first time the commander-in-chief has gotten a little creepy and invaded other people’s personal space.

“What is he doing with that young kid?

“Literally nibbling her,” Morgan said.

“I hate to even say it because it sounds so weird.

“He’s the president.

“The thing is, even if it was his own grandchild, right, you’d still think it was a bit weird.

“The fact it’s some random person that’s standing there with their kid.”

Morgan slammed the mother of the child for getting her phone out to take a photo:

“I wouldn’t be getting a phone; I’d be getting the police.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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