Franklin Graham: Hamas Plans to ‘Kill Every Jew & Christian on Planet Earth’

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham is warning the public the Hamas terrorist group is planning to “kill every Jew and every Christian” on Earth.

In a post on Facebook, Graham cited a video message from Hamas Commander Mahmoud al-Zahar who vowed there will be “no more Jews or Christian traitors” left in the world.

According to al-Zahar, Hamas plans to ensure that “the entire planet” will be under Islamic law.


The bone-chilling threat from al-Zahar has garnered renewed attention in the days following Hamas’s terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Israel.

Islamists raided the country, killing hundreds of innocent people.

Many more were raped, kidnapped, or injured during the attacks.

As Slay News reported, the bodies of at least 40 babies were found in one community that had been destroyed by Hamas.

Some of the babies had been decapitated while other young children were burned alive.

Responding to the video warning from al-Zahar, Graham wrote:

“We just saw Hamas brutally murder 900+ Israelis, most all civilians.

“If you want to know what else they’re after, a Hamas Commander made it clear.

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“He said they want to kill every Jew and every Christian—and take control of the ‘entire 510 million sq. kilometers of Planet Earth.’

“If you think what is happening in Israel is limited to Israel, think again.

“’Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!’ (Psalm 122:6),” he added.

The video of al-Zahar first appeared on the Middle East Media Research Institute site in 2022 but resurfaced on social media this week in the wake of the attacks.

It shows al-Zahar claiming:

“When we speak about the army of Jerusalem and the battle of the promise of the hereafter, we are not talking about liberating our land alone … but we believe in what our prophet Muhammad said.”

He then claims that Muhammad said:

“Allah drew the ends of the world near one another for my sake.

“And I have seen its eastern and western ends.

“The dominion of my nation would reach those ends that have been drawn near.

“The entire 510 million square kilometers of planet Earth will come under (a system) where there is no injustice, no oppression, no treachery, no Zionism, no treacherous Christianity, and no killings and crimes like those being committed against the Palestinians, and against the Arabs in all the Araba countries.

“In Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and other countries.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, al-Zahar warns:

“The entire planet will be under our law, there will be no more Jews or Christian traitors.”

Meanwhile, in a new video message, Hamas leader Khalid Mashal has called on Muslims around the world to rise up this week on Friday 13th.

After supposedly promoting “peace,” Mashal called on Muslims worldwide to go and express “anger” on every “Islamic street and across communities everywhere.”

“We want to tell the Zionists, criminal leaders, their forces, and the Americans who came to their rescue … that … we are part of this battle.”

“This is the moment of truth,” he warned.


The Hamas attackers murdered innocent civilians from multiple nations.

They also took hostages from several different countries, including American citizens.

Hamas is now threatening to execute the hostage and broadcast the killings.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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