Gaslighting: ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theories’ Proven to Be True This Year

The Left frequently uses the term “conspiracy theorist” to smear and belittle anyone who questions the agenda of the Democrats or the narratives being pushed by the allies in the corporate media.

Over time, it’s become clear to many that a so-called “conspiracy theory” is simply information that conflicts with or disputes the Left’s agenda.

However, several “conspiracy theories” have been proven to be actual facts in 2023 already.

Here is a selection of stories that have now been proven to be true but were previously suppressed by the media and written off as “conspiracy theories.”

Gas stoves in peril?

In January, Slay News reported on a potential ban on gas stoves by Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration.

Naturally, the mainstream media moved quickly to shut down the reports, arguing that the government would never do something like that.

The New York Times insisted that “No, Biden is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves.

CNN likewise claimed Biden didn’t want to ban the stoves.

NPR dismissed the thought of banning gas stoves as a right-wing, culture-war stunt.

Well, maybe they’re not going to outright ban gas stoves, yet, but the Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing new efficiency standards that will make approximately half the gas stoves on the market no longer available.

So, technically this isn’t a ban, but regulating gas stoves out of existence has the same impact.

This is particularly problematic for anyone with fairly new models, as the Organic Prepper notes.

Newer appliances are made to break down within about ten years.

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Anyone who’s been a homeowner for more than a decade knows this.

If appliances are made to only last ten years or so, the government doesn’t need to conduct some dramatic midnight raid to steal your stove.

All they have to do is wait.

Within ten years, most people will have to replace their stoves anyway, and at that point, very few, if any, gas stoves will still be on the market.

So it’s not just a theory: They really do want to get rid of gas stoves.

Covid origins?

And in other DOE news, the agency recently came to the conclusion that Covid probably did come from a lab.

The findings were part of a classified report, which the government agency shared with the Wall Street Journal earlier this month.

Back in 2021, the FBI had been the only federal agency to state with “moderate confidence” that Covid came from a lab.

At the time, their finding mostly went ignored.

However, with another agency admitting it, and WSJ covering the story, it becomes more difficult to brush aside.

And at least we’re almost allowed to openly discuss the lab leak now.

Two years ago, we weren’t.

In February 2021, Facebook banned any discussion of the possible laboratory origins of Covid.

The lab leak theory was just too crazy to even consider.

ZeroHedge was banished from Twitter for daring to suggest the makeup of the virus was peculiar in 2020.

But now, House Republicans are launching an investigation into the origins of Covid.

And once the Wall Street Journal publishes something, even the stodgiest Boomers can’t ignore it.

The Covid lab leak theory is slowly but surely looking less like a theory, and more like an established fact.

The Covid vaccine?

This is hardly the only situation in which Covid dissidents have been proven correct.

There has been a small contingent of people from the beginning who were reluctant to participate in the trial of a novel medical product.

Considering the many payouts Big Pharma has had to make over the years, wanting long-term studies before trying a novel pharmaceutical product shouldn’t be controversial.

For those who chose not to vaccinate themselves, family relationships were stressed and sometimes broken, careers were ended, opportunities were denied, and reputations were ruined.

And meanwhile, the “safe and effective” drumbeat resounded.

Anyone who wanted real answers about what was happening, who wanted to wait for long-term studies, was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

So, who was right? Were the shots safe and effective? Or were the conspiracy theorists the reasonable ones?

Even the most pro-vax publications cannot hide the non-Covid excess mortality of the past two years.

Young, formerly healthy people have been dying at far higher rates than they used to, and it’s not from Covid.

As of right now, no one can prove that jabs are responsible, because no one wants to look that closely.

But we can’t prove they’re not responsible, either.

Safe? Just look at Ed Dowd’s meticulously researched book, Cause Uknown.

Former top federal health official Dr. Anthony Fauci even recently admitted that the shots don’t really work at preventing transmission or infection.

So, nope, these jabs aren’t effective either.

Meanwhile, Congress is finally launching an investigation into the safety of the widely-mandated vaccine.

Were the “conspiracy theorists” right to be cautious about the new shots?

Mandatory masking?

There have been mixed signals about masks from the beginning.

In March 2020, Dr. Fauci said they didn’t work, then he later changed his tune.

Many people around the country had to deal with mask mandates for over a year.

As Slay News reported, the experts at the Cochrane Library recently published a major meta-analysis of the effectiveness of physical barriers such as masks in preventing respiratory viruses like Covid.

They can’t find any strong links between masking and disease prevention.

Cochrane studies are the gold standard.

They’re very conservative, they rarely make hard and fast statements, but once they do, people typically stop arguing.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford professor and MD, said as much in a recent interview with Jordan Peterson.

At 5:26, he talks about public perception during the pandemic:

There was this sort of uni-vocal conclusion that you had to do lockdowns, you had to wear masks, you had to socially distance, you had to put plastic barriers up, you had to close schools, you had to do all of these things; that the vaccines would stop transmission of the disease, that therefore it was warranted that people would lose their jobs over them.

All of these ideas were sold as if there was a scientific consensus in favor of them.

That was a lie.

There was never a scientific consensus on almost any of the topics; and as you say on masks, in fact, the preexisting narrative, the preexisting idea of most scientists before the pandemic, was in quite the opposite direction.

Dr. Bhattacharya’s not the only highly qualified doctor speaking out, either.

In fact, so many of the various Covid narratives have been proven wrong, that Dr. Marty Makary, chief of Islet Transplant Surgery at Johns Hopkins medical school, recently published an article on February 27 titled “10 myths told by covid experts—and now debunked.”

“Masks prevent transmission” is #2 on the list.

The air and water in East Palestine?

The EPA keeps insisting that the air and water in East Palestine, Ohio are perfectly safe, despite the toxic train derailment in early February and the subsequent disaster.

The EPA says they’ve been testing for everything and that the numbers indicate everything looks good; professional chemists aren’t so sure.

“They should be testing for individual compounds, and if they are testing for total VOCs [volatile organic compounds] as a screen, they need to have very sensitive instruments because some VOCs are much more toxic than others,” says Ted Schettler, MD, and science director at the nonprofit Science and Environmental Health network.

The fact that East Palestine residents are still smelling off-odors suggests that the EPA is not using sensitive enough equipment.

And the EPA hasn’t started testing for the myriad other substances that formed when the known chemicals in the train were burned.

When you mix chemicals together and burn them, new chemicals form, and this hasn’t even been talked about much yet.

It’s probably going to be a long time before we have a good picture of the damage caused by this derailment.

We know that the people of East Palestine are still suffering from bizarre symptoms.

Rashes, shortness of breath, and a burning sensation while breathing are common.

Some people have had voice changes, loss of taste and smell, and random infections.

Because East Palestine is such a low-income area, doctors can’t do the tests they need to, though they all agree that the citizens are in real pain.

And yet EPA Administrator Michael Regan states, “Nothing is coming back that shows adverse health impacts.”

Government officials are not helping themselves by insisting there’s “nothing to see here!”

The Twitter Files

When Elon Musk bought Twitter in late October, he handed over internal documents to independent journalists Bari Weiss, Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Lee Feng to report on their findings.

Many figures in alternative media had suspected they were being shadow-banned, or having a hard time reaching followers.

The Twitter Files confirmed everyone’s worst suspicions: the federal government does spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money to censor the speech of Americans online.

Much of this effort targets law-abiding citizens with inconvenient, non-Democrat-friendly opinions, rather than real criminals.

Many of the people that had their accounts locked or frozen were just regular conservative American citizens.

Five years ago, anyone convinced the Feds were watching their every online move would have been labeled a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”

Well, yet again, the conspiracy theorists have been proven correct.

The gaslighting continues.

Psychology Today describes “gaslighting” as insidious manipulation and “psychological control” wielded over victims who are “fed false information,” causing them “to question what they know to be true.”

Gaslighting has become one of the Biden administration’s favorite tools.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appears to be trying to turn it into an art form.

As time goes by, however, the truth comes out.

The people are finally starting to wake up and believe their “lying eyes.”

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By Frank Bergman

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