Ghislaine Maxwell Gangs Up with Notorious Double Murderer Narcy Novack in Florida Prison

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has ganged up with notorious double murderer Narcy Novack in a Florida prison, according to reports.

Novack famously hired a hit man to kill her husband and her elderly mother-in-law in a doomed bid to steal the family’s cash.

“Once inside, Ghislaine gravitated towards Narcy,” a source reportedly told the UK Mirror.

“Because of her length of time inside and the brutality of her crime, she is treated like a female don.

“All the younger girls address her as ‘Miss Novack’ out of respect.

“Ghislaine will have a modicum of protection through her friendship, but given their ages and millionaire ­backgrounds, they were always destined to get on well.

“Together, they spend hours talking, laughing, and joking,” the source said.

Maxwell is inmate 02879-509 and is serving a 20-year sentence for her role as Epstein’s accomplice.

“Ms. Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable and played a pivotal role in facilitating sexual abuse,” Judge Nathan said at sentencing.

Before her sentencing, Maxwell said:

“I realize I have been convicted of assisting Jeffrey Epstein to commit these crimes.

“My association with Epstein will permanently stain me,” she claimed.

“It is the biggest regret of my life that I ever met him.”

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According to The Daily Mail:

Narcy Novack was convicted of hiring hit men who carried out the 2009 beating deaths of Ben Novack Jr. in New York and Bernice Novack in Florida. Veliz, of Brooklyn.

Ben Novack, 53, was the son of the man who built the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, a celebrity hangout in the 1950s and 1960s that appeared in the movies Scarface and Goldfinger.

He was beaten to death with dumbbells in July 2009 in his bed at a hotel in Rye Brook, New York, where his travel company was managing an Amway convention.

A thug who admitted carrying out the killing testified that Novack ordered her husband’s eyes sliced with a knife and offered a pillow to muffle his screams.

Three months earlier, Novack’s 86-year-old mother, Bernice, was killed in Fort Lauderdale by being clobbered in the teeth and head with a plumber’s wrench.

The killings ‘involved particularly cruel, sadistic and gratuitous savagery seldom seen in the annals of crime,’ prosecutors said when they called for life sentences.

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