Google Pumps $2 Billion into AI Company That Believes Technology Could Destroy Humanity

Google’s parent company Alphabet has invested a whopping $2 billion into an artificial intelligence (AI) company whose own CEO believes the technology could destroy humanity.

Alphabet has pumped the big investment into AI start-up Anthropic.

Anthropic is generally considered a rival to Open AI, which is the company behind the controversial AI chatbot ChatGPT.

However, Anthropic’s CEO and co-founder Dario Amodei warned earlier this week that AI has between a 10 and 25 percent chance of destroying humanity, The Daily Mail is reporting.

Amodei later tried to qualify his statement on the Logan Bartlett Show.

“If we can avoid the downsides then this stuff about curing cancer, extending human lifespan, solving problems like mental illness… I don’t think it’s outside the scope of what this can do,” he said.

There has already been $500 million that Google has invested in Anthropic.

The remaining investment will be provided over a period of time.

This comes after Amazon invested $4 billion into Anthropic, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, large tech companies and globalist organizations are racing to dominate the AI space.

Some have suggested that the technology could be the latest stage in the technological revolution.

While Google and Microsoft have previously supported OpenAI, Anthropic has quickly drawn the most attention from Big Tech companies.

Amodei was previously OpenAI’s vice president of research before going his own way to build something that could rival ChatGPT.

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Since he departed three years ago, Anthropic has become a company worth $5 billion.

Anthropic’s CEO was not shy in suggesting that there are serious potential consequences of creating such sophisticated AI.

“My chance that something goes really quite catastrophically wrong on the scale of human civilization might be somewhere between 10 percent and 25 percent,” he claimed.

“That means there is a 75 percent to 90 percent chance that this technology is developed and everything goes fine.”

However, Anthropic has already been hit with a lawsuit by Universal Music Group and other major record labels on October 18.

The company is accused of distributing copyrighted music lyrics without a licensing deal, per the report.

The Daily Mail reported that Jason Peterson — the CEO of GoDigital Media Group — suggested that this is likely a clear-cut case of infringement.

He believes the courts will straighten it out.

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