MTG Calls for Probe into Jeffrey Epstein’s Friends: ‘Maxwell Named the Clinton Foundation’

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is calling for the House to launch investigations into sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s friends, noting that he is linked to former President Bill Clinton.

As Slay News first reported, Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell named Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charity organization while begging for a lighter sentence.

In a desperate bid for leniency, Maxwell claimed in court filings that she helped “launch and develop” the Clinton Global Initiative.

However, prosecutors warned Maxwell that the information wasn’t enough to cut a deal and she needed to name other accomplices.

Maxwell refused to reveal details of Epstein’s powerful client list, and on Tuesday, the judge threw the book at her.

60-year-old Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Rep. Greene blasted the Jan. 6 House Select Committee hearings and argued that investigations into Epstein’s client list would be a better use of congressional resources.

“You know what else would be very good committee hearings?” she said.

“Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s friends who enjoyed the hard work of this madam, who handed over minors to powerful men for sexual pleasure.

“Maxwell named the Clinton Foundation as an organization she worked with.”

Yesterday a judge did not care that Ghislaine Maxwell helped “develop” the Clinton Global Initiative and sentenced her to two decades in prison for recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused by Epstein and his powerful friends.

Elizabeth Stein, a victim of Epstein and Maxwell read a powerful statement to the court: “In one instance, they took me to Florida, insisted that I stay longer than planned which caused me to miss work and led to my being fired.

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“Seizing on this new vulnerability, they began trafficking me to their friends.

“By that time, I was trapped. I was assaulted, raped, and trafficked countless times in New York and Florida during a three-year period.

“At one point I became pregnant (by whom I am unsure) and aborted the baby.

“Things happened that were so traumatizing that to this day I’m unable to speak about them; I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe them.”

“When I arrived, the hotel concierge told me Ms. Maxwell was in the bar and wanted me to meet someone. It was Jeffrey Epstein.

“That night in the hotel was the first of many times they sexually assaulted me.

“In the most literal sense of the word, Epstein and Maxwell terrified me.

“They told me that if I told anyone, nobody would believe me and if they did, they would kill me and the people closest to me.

“I believed them,” she said.

“I was once bright, fun, outgoing, and kind.

“I loved life and people genuinely enjoyed being around me.

“After meeting Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, it felt like someone shut off the lights to my soul.”

Victim Sarah Ransome said:

“Over the next seven to eight months, I became, against my will, nothing more than a human sex toy with a heartbeat and soul for the entertainment of Epstein, Maxwell, and others.

“Sometimes I was subjected to sexual predation multiple times per day, both in his New York mansion and on his private island St. Little James in the US Virgin Islands.

“On one visit to the island, the sexual demands, degradation, and humiliation became so horrific that I tried to escape by attempting to jump off a cliff into shark-infested waters, but was caught by Maxwell and company moments before jumping.

“At the time, the extremely risky escape seemed more appealing than being raped one more time.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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