Government Whistleblower: Covid Shots Were Planned 20 Years in Advance

A government contractor has blown the whistle to reveal that Covid mRNA shots didn’t just suddenly appear in response to the pandemic but they had, in fact, been in the making for two decades.

During a bombshell new interview, the whistleblower, Dr. David Martin, exposes the detailed planning of the Covid mRNA shots.

While working as a U.S. government contractor, Martin says he witnessed decades of criminal preparations, years before Covid emerged in 2020.

Speaking with Infowars’ Alex Jones, Martin outlines the government’s long-term plot to develop and release the Covid virus.

Martin reveals that globalists had the pandemic planned decades in advance.

The entire exercise over the last four and half years was wilfully misleading the population into taking something through coercion that would not have otherwise ever been accepted.

“Since 2002, there has not been a coronavirus; there has been an engineered pathogen,” Dr. David Martin said.

“Engineered by Ralph Baric at the University of Carolina Chapel Hill where, in 2002, he patented the’ infectious, replication defective, clone of coronavirus’.”

“The ‘coronavirus’ that has been branded to be part of covid-19, does not exist.

“What does exist is a pathogen modelled off of properties of what was once upon a time isolated as coronavirus,” he explained.

“Properties that increased its pathogenicity [and] increased its toxicity but … decreased its transmissibility …

“In 2002 it was patented to be non-transmissable.”

Essentially, coronavirus has been man-made since 2002 and has not been a pathogen of nature.

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“We have a commercially interested group of sociopaths who want to make money while killing people,” Dr. Martin said.

“That’s the bottom line,” he asserts.

On Wednesday, Martin joined Alex Jones to explain where the biological weapon called SARS-CoV-2 originated.

He also exposes the globalists behind it, the criminal counts against the perpetrators and much more.

Since 1966, coronavirus has been in play as a biological weapon agent, Martin reveals.

Most people first heard about coronavirus in 2019 when COVID-19 was first discovered in China.

However, “the fact of the matter is it has been around since 1966 as a biological weapon,” Dr. Martin said.

In 1990, Pfizer filed the first patent for a coronavirus vaccine.

In 1999, Ralph Baric’s modification and manipulation programme took what used to be a respiratory and gastrointestinal bug and turned it into something that would cause cardiomyopathy in rabbits.

This gave rise to a patent that was filed in 2002 for an infectious, replication defective, clone of coronavirus.

In 2014, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill was authorised to waive the gain-of-function moratorium.

The pathogen they were working on at the time was the Wuhan Institute of Virology virus 1 (“WIV-1”) spike protein, Dr. Martin said.

In 2016, scientists said WIV-1 was poised for human emergence.

“In 2018/2019, the United States government reclaimed the patent from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,” Martin explains.

“The Department of Health and Human Services at the National Institutes of Health took the UNC-Chapel Hill patent on an infectious, replication defective coronavirus and reclaimed title and interest to it.”

“Four months later, in April of 2019, Moderna amended four patent applications in which they made the following statement: ‘After an accidental or intentional release of a lethal respiratory pathogen’ … ‘Release’.

“Does that sound like a leak? Does that sound like ‘accidental’? No.”

Although they won’t use the word “lethal,” they knew on 18 September 2019 they were going to release a deadly respiratory pathogen.

“They knew it was deadly,” Martin said.

“They knew it was going to kill people.”

On 18 September 2019, they said that by 20 September 2020, the world would accept a universal vaccine.

As Dr. Martin notes, “they said, they would do so in response … ‘to an accidental or deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen’.”

“They” had been planning these mandatory injections since 2015.

Martin goes on to expose who “they” are:

“The masterplan [to vaccinate the world] was done by none other than the Wellcome Trust, NIAID Anthony Fauci, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (specifically Dr. Chris Elias), Dr. Gao from the CDC of the People’s Republic of China and a whole host of others who sit on what is called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board,” Dr. Martin said.

“To advance the social and commercial interests of sociopaths that wanted to kill human beings for the sake of their agenda, they decided to unleash a lethal respiratory pathogen on the population so the population would be bamboozled into taking an mRNA shot which would permanently, permanently alter their human condition.”

In November 2019, Ralph Baric sent a genetic sequence to the Vaccine Research Centre at the US National Institutes of Health (“NIH”).

“[The sequence] was not for ‘the coronavirus’ and it was not for ‘the coronavirus vaccine’, it was for the mRNA that was used to instruct the human body to make a scheduled pathogen,” Dr. Martin said.

“What they did is, they said, ‘We’re going to inject into the arms of billions of people the instructions to turn each individual into a bioweapons factory’ …

“Every single person that took the shot became the manufacturer of a synthetic spike protein associated with the coronavirus model.

“The difference between this and everything that’s been done before is really simple.

“In the case of mRNA, there are two distinctions that are absolutely unique to the covid pandemic.

“Number 1, we are actually creating the mechanism to instruct the body to manufacture a toxin …

“Number 2, the response is actually a ‘hopeful’ response that failed to consider two very critical things: the lipid nanoparticle in which the shot is delivered actually is also a toxin … and then the worst part about it is that we introduced a thing called pseudouridine.”

Pseudouridine was published in 2018 to be a pro-cancer agent.

What this means is that “it shuts down the body’s response to how we recognise tumours and suppress tumours,” Dr. Martin explained.

Pseudouridine has been included in mRNA injections to stabilise the mRNA so it stays in the human body longer to achieve its effect, he said.

SARS-CoV-2 wasn’t a virus from China, Dr. Martin emphasised.

“No one wants to admit that the United States government is actually funding these programmes and laundering these programmes through the universities in very important electoral locations around the world.”

In American states where universities are running biological weapons programmes, none of the politicians are admitting what’s happening in their states.

“It is [ ] false … for a congressman or a senator to continually perpetrate a lie in Congress about the Wuhan virus and was it a lab leak and was it this or that,” Martin said.

“It’s equally problematic for an elected official to lie in Congress as it is for a Supreme Court justice … to lie about the pathology associated with coronavirus … as equally problematic for Fauci to lie and say he didn’t do gain-of-function moratorium.”

“The master plan is simple.” Dr. Martin said.

“Three-quarters of the world’s population are unnecessary and need to be shoved off the planet …

“This is World War III, that’s not hyperbole, it just comes in a different form.”

But we’re winning the war, he said.

“They were going to kill us and most of us didn’t bend the knee.

“Remember that a third of the people fell for it, a third of the people were coerced and a third of the people said no.”

“Not only did they blow up their strategy of how they were going to take over the world but they destroyed the mechanism whereby they were going to do it.”

Martin continues by making a prediction regarding what may come next.

“What they’re going to do, is to do what’s already in play right now – which is they’re going to try to increase the electoral version of the hijack that happened in 2016 and again in 2020,” he said.

“We’re going to see a massive amount of voter fraud in the form of early voting, electronic voting, illegal immigrant voting, we’re going to have every version of corruption as we come into November [US elections].”

“In the next 6 to 9 months, which is when we’re going to watch a whole bunch of desperation happen, what I would highly advise … get used to using cash and make sure you have a lot of it on hand.

“Why? Because [then] your behaviour will not be modifiable if electronic participation in the economy is under [their] control.”

For example, if they try to take the banking system down to enforce central bank digital currencies (CBDC) or other behaviour modification technologies.

But what people need to understand, Dr. Martin said, is that they’ve played all of their hand; they’re out of bullets.

“They wanted to make sure we got vaccine passports,” he said.

“They wanted to make sure that the World Health Organization came along and suspended all of our civil liberties for the rest of time.

“They wanted to do a number of things and what happened was the World Economic Forum failed.

“Klaus Schwab got tired and now he’s stepping down.

“The actors know that they failed.”

“We know that the entire establishment – whether it’s the World Economic Forum, whether it’s the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whether it’s Open Philanthropy and Dustin Moskovitz – we know that all of these organisations thought that they could bamboozle all of us.

“They thought that by putting fact-checkers on every post we’d stop sharing posts.

“They thought by cancelling people that we wouldn’t actually listen to people’s voices.

“They thought by making sure we never showed up on mainstream media that nobody would ever hear our voices.

“But [for them] the bad news is … we continue to do it.

“We the people have the power.

“We have the power actually to change the trajectory that we’re on.

“We have the power to make sure that the people who actually acted with impunity no longer can do that.”


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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