Hillary Clinton Refuses to Answer Questions on Durham Allegations

Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has refused to answer questions about Special Counsel John Durham’s allegations that she spied on President Donald Trump.

Hillary was grilled by reporters as she visited her daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment today.

Clinton was peppered with questions about the scandal revealed in a recent court filing that she spied on the sitting President of the United States.

Hillary waved off the reporter but the questions kept coming.

She was pressed for an answer as to when she will comment about the scandal that has rocked Washington D.C.

Despite Clinton’s refusal to answer, lawyers have been very vocal in court.

Lawyers for her 2016 campaign’s attorney, Michael Sussmann, are demanding that Durham strike the “factual background” part of his filing because they say it will “taint” the jury.

They wrote: “Unfortunately, the Special Counsel has done more than simply file a document identifying potential conflicts of interest.

“Rather, the Special Counsel has again made a filing in this case that unnecessarily includes prejudicial—and false—allegations that are irrelevant to his Motion and to the charged offense, and are plainly intended to politicize this case, inflame media coverage, and taint the jury pool.

“Sadly, the Special Counsel seems to be succeeding in his effort to instigate unfair and prejudicial media coverage of Mr. Sussmann’s case.”

They asked the court to “strike the Factual Background portion of the Special Counsel’s motion pursuant to the Court’s inherent power to ‘fashion an appropriate sanction for conduct which abuses the judicial process.’”

Rich Lowry wrote:

Sussmann used the deceptive work product from all of this sleuthing to try to convince the FBI and apparently the CIA that Trump was colluding with Russia. (Durham has indicted Sussmann for lying to the FBI to try to hide his connection to the Clinton campaign.)

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Durham pointedly refers to what Sussmann was hawking as “purported data.”

This operation was of a piece with the spurious Steele dossier that helped launch the FBI probe of the Trump campaign that morphed into the Mueller investigation.

Or, to use Durham’s terms, purported data drove purported investigations and ungodly amounts of purported journalism, all building toward purported collusion that eventually, under the weight of facts and logic, came to absolutely nothing.

If anyone involved in this investigative and journalistic fiasco is embarrassed by it, they haven’t shown it.

If any of them thinks it’s bad practice to spy on a campaign and a newly elected president to use the resulting information to try to gull US government agencies, they haven’t said so. If any of them are thinking “Never again,” they won’t admit it.

Until they do, maybe they should temper their preachiness about threats to our system and norms.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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