Hollywood Bows Down to Greg Gutfeld: ‘You Have to Respect Success’

Liberal TV host Bill Maher has heaped praise on Greg Gutfeld while interviewing the Fox News star.

Gugfeld joined Maher on his podcast “Club Random” for an interesting conversation about their careers, the woke mob, and weed.

Maher congratulated Gutfeld for his massive late-night hit that is redefining the genre.

The topic turned to TMZ and Fox News, prompting Gutfeld to share a funny story.

Gutfeld said: “I was at an airport, it was Newark, I was waiting for my wife, she was flying in from somewhere, I’d just flown in and I was at a bar, and this dude was sitting there at the bar, and he was just staring at me, and he looked like somebody who didn’t like me, he was an older dude, and so, I’m assuming, because I’m at Fox, that this was somebody who hates Fox.

“He decides that he is going to get up and he’s going to talk to me, and I could see it happening, and he comes over to me, and he goes, ‘I just want to tell you that you should be ashamed of what you do for a living.’

“‘TMZ has ruined so many people,’” the man added, mistaking Gutfeld for TMZ founder Harvey Levin.

Maher congratulated Gutfeld on the success of his Fox News Channel show “Gutfeld!”

“Listen, you’ve made a big success of your show there,” Maher said at one point.

“I always say to people, you know, you may not love somebody’s success, but you have to respect success, you know?”

They both trashed the “woke” mob.

Maher said Hollywood would never make the movie “Rain Man” now:

“When you hear it now, in 2023, you hunch up, not because of it in itself, but because you know the reaction it will cause.

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“You know you’re going to have to listen to people bitching about this, and posturing and pretending they’re so offended and it’s so terrible and that’s what’s going to be so gross.”

Gutfeld said:

“They get on Twitter and then they kind of create this kind of like mob reaction, and then it’s people are so bored, and they’re so distracted, and also it’s a personal power thing.

“It’s like if I don’t have any power in my world, at least on here I can exert some kind of power, get somebody to apologize, and it feels good.

“The phone made people a**holes, full stop,” Maher said.

“It allows you to just be so f*cking cowardly, anonymous, shady, fake, all these shitty qualities it brought out in people.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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