James Woods Ruins Al Sharpton’s Day: ‘Might Try Reading History Before He Lectures Us on It’

Hollywood legend James Woods shut down civil rights grifter Al Sharpton over his stunning comments about American history.

Sharpton, an MSNBC analyst, said:

“One day, our children’s children will read American history, and can you imagine our reading that James Madison or Thomas Jefferson tried to overthrow the government so they could stay in power?

“That’s what we’re looking at.

“We’re looking at American history, and how it will play out is going to be very important.

“The sad part about this to me is that this is not a man that is facing all this because he believed in a political position or political policy or cause.

“I’ve seen people go down the wrong side for a cause.

“This is all about him,” Sharpton said.

“This is narcissism with steroids and to think that he could get this whole country divided and split, and commit these crimes and have others commit crimes off his own self-aggrandizement, is as sick as it gets.”

Our founding fathers did of course overthrow the English King and set us on our path to freedom and prosperity.

Enter James Woods:

“Card-carrying ignoramus asks us to imagine if Thomas Jefferson or James Madison tried to overthrow the government.

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“Then he lectures us on understanding history.

“This chucklehead might try reading history first.

“It was laughable when he was a fat slob in a velour tracksuit.

“Now that he’s an anorexic scarecrow, it’s just mildly pathetic.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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