How Leftist Misinformation Is Fueling Destructive Social Unrest

For some time now, misinformation in the left-wing corporate media has been fueling violent rioting, looting, and destruction.

Throughout the recent trial the Kyle Rittenhouse, the media has continued to set the leftist narrative, pumping out misinformation about our justice system that has real consequences on the ground.

Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and a legal analyst for Fox News explained the phenomenon at length for his USA Today Column and a few of his points are deserving of some additional scrutiny from conservative outlets.

In his analysis Turley points out that the jury serves an essential purpose as the thin line of a dozen citizens  “designed to stand between the mob and a defendant; between the government and the accused.”

And in the Rittenhouse case, he notes, the jury served this purpose well.

However, he goes on to point out that the jury’s verdict was not the only one.

He writes,

“There was, however, a second verdict in that courtroom for those who have been maintaining a distorted or incomplete account to this trial. From the outset, politicians and media figures insisted that this was a case of murders committed by a white supremacist. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden labeled Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” in a tweet showing his photo and demanded to know why then-President Donald Trump did not “disavow white supremacists.” Much of the media followed suit with an echo chamber of coverage that led some people to believe that these were essentially executions on the streets of Kenosha.  Columnist Elie Mystal called the trial a sham.”

While Turley goes on to note that the prosecution made some serious key mistakes from the word go, such as overcharging Rittenhouse (a whole count was thrown out and another was invalid), and that the case quickly imploded as key witnesses for the prosecution became invaluable to the defense.

He continues to describe what happened next as “even more chilling”.

“Faced with a collapsing case in court, many of the same media outlets struck out at the judge, the jury, and the legal system. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross advocated for the judge’s removal. Rittenhouse was mocked for his “male, white tears” on national television. Georgetown law professor Paul Butler called the trial “white privilege on steroids.”

The danger of such reckless legal analysis is now evident. Judging from the coverage, one could have easily concluded that a conviction in this case was inescapable.”

Misinformation and Obfuscation Fueling Unrest Deliberately

We’ve seen this pattern now multiple times throughout the last decade and the examples are multiple and the violence that is caused by the mainstream media’s endless stream of misreporting and omitting facts that undermine their narrative design are causing devastatingly real consequences for millions of Americans and millions more around the world.

From “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in the Michael Brown shooting of 2014 and the Trayvon Martin case of 2012 and the ‘Russia-gate’ and other anti-Trump, leftist constructs we saw the first inklings and many pointed out the danger. But it wasn’t until the killing of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in 2020 with the nation already stressed to the breaking point by the COVID panic that the explosive results became evident with 180 Days of rage-filled riots, looting, and arson in over a hundred cities throughout the nation that saw over 2 Billion in damages and cost at least 25 lives.

Only after was the true extent of the damage confirmed with the mockery of a trial of Officer Derek Chauvin, who while responsible for the untimely death of George Floyd was grossly overcharged and convicted due to the overwhelming media-driven pressure on the Judge and Jury.

It was on the day of Chauvin’s conviction that it became terrifyingly clear that our system is completely broken and not the way the left thinks it is… it was patently impossible for Chauvin to get a fair trial in ANY venue nationwide.

And though the jury thankfully ruled correctly in Rittenhouse’s case, the impact of media and public pressure on the judge and jury were terrifyingly clear.

There is an inherent danger now to every American whose case may catch the eye of the woke mob and co-opted media.

They are deliberately misinforming the public with the clear intention of creating massive civil unrest, and then in a self-perpetuating cycle creating case after case that they can then manipulate.

The media and the left profit greatly from this:

  • They profit when the police must use force.
    • They create a martyr or victim.
    • They vilify the police and the justice system and undermine faith in law and order.
  • When a ruling occurs they don’t like, they encourage the public to riot, loot and burn.
    • They encourage this behavior by justifying it and decriminalizing it, even participating at a low level.
  • The Police respond to the rioting and looting, or average Americans are forced to defend themselves.
    • The cycle begins again.

It is an endless cycle from aggression to victimhood to retaliation and back again, over and over, all the while with resentment, anger and hatred building on both sides as deaths, injuries and financial losses of homes, businesses and livelihoods mount until it must explode and at every step, the media profits, raking in views, clicks and dollars, and the leftist authoritarians profit, as this provides more excuse for them to clamp down harder and harder on our freedoms.

This is the path to civil war unless we can break the cycle.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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