Hunter’s Lawyer Asks Speaker Johnson to Block ‘Partisan’ House Investigations into Biden Family

Hunter Biden’s celebrity lawyer has called on House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to step in and block the ongoing investigations into the Democrat president and his family.

Hunter’s Hollywood attorney Abbe Lowell asked Johnson to stop House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) from “continuing their partisan political games.”

The three top Republican lawmakers are currently leading the House impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

Lowell penned a lengthy letter to Johnson on Wednesday, asking him to use his “newly minted leadership post responsibly.”

He called on the speaker to “think twice before joining” the “spectacle” of House Republican-led investigations into Hunter and the Biden family’s business dealings.

“Before you cast your lot with and cede additional authority to those who have betrayed the trust placed in their offices by the Constitution, you should consider the numerous lies, falsehoods, and fabricated illustrations by your chamber’s chairmen in the course of peddling baseless allegations of misconduct by our client or his family that now will form the basis for them abusing their power with improper demands for records and testimony,” Lowell wrote.

“Even in the era of ‘alternative facts,’ your colleagues’ manipulation and disregard for the truth is breathtaking,” Lowell continued.

“Please remind those who sat with you on November 1 what you recently said: that House Republicans have a ‘constitutional responsibility to follow th[e] truth,’ wherever it leads, and you promised to ‘only follow facts’ and not ‘use this for political partisan games.’”

“These chairmen are about to ignore your admonition by continuing to pursue baseless allegations,” he added.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer slammed GOP lawmakers, saying they are “using ‘oversight’ proceedings to distort text message conversations” between Hunter and James Biden.

He also alleged they are “falsely claiming a Burisma executive asked for Hunter Biden’s help to stymie efforts of a Ukrainian prosecutor general,” among other lines of inquiry.

Lowell also tried casting whistleblower allegations as false.

“Mr. Speaker, over the past few months, these three chairmen and various of their colleagues have participated in interviews and led or attended many proceedings regarding the investigation (and now prosecution) of our client,” Lowell wrote.

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“They have dumped into the public transcripts of interviews and entire IRS case files that they were given as part of that investigation, and they have adopted so-called ‘whistleblowers’ to champion their efforts (while ignoring other witnesses) despite often-contradictory narratives.”

“When another law enforcement agent or U.S. Attorney has contradicted a witness’s past statements, one or another of these three ‘don’t let the facts get in the way’ chairmen either ignore or misrepresent what the witness said as mere inconvenient truths,” Lowell continued.

“Their clear willingness to bend the facts, at any cost, to support a distorted and made-up version of events is stunning but has become the norm of many in the Republican Party’s baseless inquiries into Hunter Biden and his family.”

“Now, perhaps believing he has your blessing, Chairman Comer announced he will plow ahead by issuing around two dozen new subpoenas. Two dozen,” Lowell said.

“Ending this letter the way it began, we want to go back to our hope that you will be a different Speaker — one who restores the integrity and reputation of your chamber; one who, as you promised, ‘restore[s] the people’s faith’ and ‘regular order’ in the House; and one who declared his role would be to ‘only follow facts’ and not use this for political partisan games,” he wrote.

“This can begin with your holding Chairmen Comer, Jordan, and Smith to the facts and stopping them from continuing their partisan political games,” he continued.

“The latest example of their hoping to do the opposite is ripe for your intervention.”

“We look forward to working with you in your new role as Speaker of the House,” Lowell added.

However, the letter didn’t exactly go down well with Johnson.

In response, Raj Shah, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications for House Speaker Mike Johnson, dismissed Lowell’s letter.

“President Biden and the White House have repeatedly lied to the American people about his involvement and knowledge of the Biden family’s business dealings – receiving millions through their shell companies – from foreign adversaries,” Shah said in a statement.

“We have learned this because of the diligent work of House investigators, who will continue to follow the facts where they may lead.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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