Jessica Simpson Comes Clean about Secret Affair with ‘Massive Movie Star’: ‘I Felt Like a Call Girl’

Pop star Jessica Simpson has come clean and admitted to a secret affair with a “massive movie star” when broke up with her husband Nick Lachey.

She shared the intimate details of her past in an essay, “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single,” on Amazon.

She writes: “This megastar, who I grew up thinking was so hot, eyeballed me up and down. Like he was undressing me with his eyes. He texted me throughout the awards show.

“The event was so huge that it made me feel special that every beautiful woman in Hollywood was there and he wanted me.

“In fact, there was one other beautiful woman in his life: his girlfriend. Shortly after, I saw a photo of Movie Star on a red carpet with her.

“I was never ever in a million years going to be the other woman.”

“Yes, there was something sexy and enticing about all this, but there was also something demeaning about it. I felt like a call girl.

“I didn’t care if he was my teenage fantasy come to life, this was not a choice that same girl, my younger self, would be proud of,” she said.

She told People Magazine in an interview:

“This is a very personal story and I really thought I would never share it.

“The whole period was very surreal.

“There were times I had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong!

“But a lot of the time it felt isolating because I am someone who likes to deeply connect with people and I didn’t know who was trustworthy and who was not.

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“I learned you can’t always take people at their very persuasive word — seems obvious but it really isn’t when you are dealing with someone who sells it so well.

“Not betraying your own heart and diminishing your self-worth actually feels so much better than immediate gratification if living in a lie.

“I also learned that there is a wide range of what monogamy means in Hollywood.

“I have learned that self-love is one of the keys to really loving someone else and that a true love will never make you question yourself or what’s real.

“Thanks to my amazing soulmate and husband, I am able to love passionately and without fear of being hurt.”

She said she is keeping the actor’s name secret for now but told People: “I will tell you this, he is still a movie star.”

Page Six thinks it is Mark Wahlberg:

The top contender based on clues given in Simpson’s tale, “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single,” is Mark Wahlberg.

According to Simpson, now 42, she first met the mystery man at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards when she was on a break from her future ex-husband, Nick Lachey.

“He was undressing me with his eyes,” the singer told readers of the mystery man.

Simpson noted that the mystery dude was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Wahlberg — who attended the show that year — wore jeans and a T-shirt.

Actors Will Smith, Will Ferrell, Andy Dick (who we immediately ruled out — sorry Andy!), Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, and Johnny Knoxville (with whom Simpson has already publicly said she had an emotional affair).

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