Riley Gaines Slams Brittney Griner’s ‘Demeaning’ Trans Athlete Comments: ‘If We’re Going to Talk about Crimes’

Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines called out Brittney Griner after the “woke” WNBA star said she’s against banning transgender athletes from women’s sports.

During a recent interview, Griner said that it’s a “crime” to prevent male athletes from competing in women’s sports.

Gaines fired back at Griner, blasting the remarks as “heartbreaking” and “demeaning.”

Gaines said:

“Which NBA team would have (Brittney Griner) since apparently the overwhelming, obvious differences between men and women should simply be overlooked?

“Heartbreaking to see athletically successful women take this demeaning stance.

“And if we’re going to talk about crimes, Brittney…”

As Slay News reported earlier, Griner vowed to speak out in support of legislation to allow men to compete in women’s sports.

“That ranks high on the list of things I’ll be fighting for and speaking up against,” Griner said when asked by an ESPN reporter about advocating for transgender athletes.

“Everyone deserves the right to play.

“Everyone deserves the right to come here, sit in these seats, and feel safe. And not feel like there’s the threat, or they can’t be who they are, or like it’s just all eyes on them.

“I think it’s a crime honestly to separate someone for any reason. So, I definitely will be speaking up against that legislation and those laws that are trying to be passed, for sure.”

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When asked about how she stayed resilient during her time in the gulag she said:

“Just digging deep, honestly.

“I know this sounds so small, but, you know, dying in practice and hard workouts. You find a way to just grind it out.

“Just put your head down and just keep moving forward. You know, you can never stand still.”

“It made me a little bit more comfortable,” she said of the support she received back home.

“It made me a little bit, have hope, which is a really hard thing to have.

“It’s a dangerous thing to have.

“Because, you know, when it doesn’t work, it’s so crushing.”

“I think that’s a big reason why a lot of people go overseas. That’s why I was there,” she said of the low pay here.

“As much as I’d love to pay my light bill for a love of the game, I can’t.”

“I’m never going overseas to play again unless I’m representing my country at the Olympics,” Griner added.

“You know, if I make that team, that would be the only time I would leave U.S. soil.”

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By David Hawkins

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