Illegal Alien ‘Newcomers’ Blast ‘Shameful’ New Yorkers for ‘Refusing’ to Speak African Languages

Illegal alien “newcomers” have been airing their grievances toward New York City for failing to live up to their expectations.

Huge crowds of illegals flooded a hearing this week held by the NYC Council’s immigration and hospital committees.

Foreign nationals took turns to speak at the hearing to complain about the taxpayer-funded services that have been provided since arriving in the “sanctuary city.”

The “newcomers” were outraged over the quality of food and accommodation that NYC taxpayers provided for them.

Speaking through a translator, one woman even blasted New Yorkers for failing to speak African languages to illegals.

The hearing saw over a thousand illegal immigrants, mostly from countries in Africa, descend on City Hall to express their outrage.

Some illegals claimed they had been promised money, green cards, or work visas if they attended the hearing, the New York Post reported.

While over a thousand illegals descended on City Hall, only 250 of them were allowed inside.

The rest gathered outside in a park, aggressively protesting.

The crowds outside City Hall were dominated by military-aged men who had crossed the Southern Border illegally.

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In a press release, the hearing was touted as seeking to help illegal aliens from Africa “understand how [Mayor Eric Adams’] Administration is addressing language access barriers, cultural competency challenges, health needs, and other roadblocks.”

At one point during the six-hour-long hearing, the conversation turned to language services offered by the state.

Some migrants complained that Spanish and English speakers are given priority.

They argued that African illegals are unfairly excluded because they don’t speak Spanish or English.

It was then pointed out that many immigrants are illiterate and can only speak their native language.

It was then suggested that New Yorkers “refuse to accommodate” by not learning those languages.

There are 3,000 languages spoken across Africa, with many having hundreds of different dialects.


At another point in the hearing, migrants began complaining about the free food and housing they have been provided.

They blasted the city, saying the service they receive isn’t good enough.

The illegals described the situation as “unacceptable” and slammed New Yorkers as “shameful.”

They also smeared New York City as “anti-African, racist, and xenophobic.”

The migrants argue that the NYC council is “responsible for this pain and suffering” that will affect illegals and their families “for generations to come.”

At another point in the hearing, City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino challenged the complaints.

Paladino, a Republican, noted:

“I’ve been listening to everybody speak and making demands on New York City to do more more more.”

“How much more are we supposed to do?” she urged.

“This system is so overworked and overburdened,” she added.

“We don’t have the resources.”


“I have to ask you all, what motivated you to come here thinking the streets are paved in gold? They are not,” Paladino continued.

“People have come across the border illegally.”

Other council members then interrupted Paladino and demanded she ask a pertinent question.


Meanwhile, NYC’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams responded to the protests and complaints.

The mayor stated that it is Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration’s responsibility to “finish the job they started.”

In a statement, Adams’ office said:

“As we have said repeatedly, the federal government needs to finish the job they started by providing an immediate pathway to work for the tens of thousands of migrants they let into this country.

“We are exceptionally proud of the dignity and respect we’ve been able to provide these migrants, as well as everyone else in our care, but, make no mistake, New York City should have never been left largely on its own to manage this national humanitarian crisis.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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