Illinois’ Democrat Gov Complains ‘Sanctaury Cities’ Are ‘Suffering’ from Texas’ Migrant Buses

The Democrat governor of Illinois, billionaire  J.B. Pritzker, is complaining that so-called “sanctuary cities” are “suffering” from large numbers of migrants being bused there from border states such as Texas.

During an interview with ABC News host Jonathan Karl on “This Week,” Pritzker attempted to blame Republicans for the border crisis.

However, he noted that the crisis is impacting voters to the point where many reportedly disapprove of how Democrat President Joe Biden is managing the Southern Border.

He then tried to suggest that Democrats have been trying to fix the border “for decades now,” but Republicans have been standing in their way.

“Well, we need the Congress to act,” Pritzker bleated.

“There is discussion right now about comprehensive immigration reform, about border security, and this can be handled right now.

“They could vote on this and make sure we’re actually dealing with it, but, you know, Democrats have been at the table for decades now, wanting immigration reform.

“Republicans refused. So, finally, they’re at least in discussion.”

He went on to add, “My hope is that they’ll get something done, but not enough has been done, there’s no doubt about that.

“I think that the president needs to do more.

“The Congress needs to do more.”

Pritzker then slammed Abbott for redistributing migrants from the Southern Border to Democrat-controlled regions up north.

“Cities out here that are the target of this political game that Gov. Abbott is playing are suffering, and here in Illinois it’s minus 29 degrees outside with the windchill,” he said.

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“We have migrants that arrive from Texas virtually every day, hundreds, and we don’t have places to put them.

“We don’t have enough shelter space here.”

The Illinois governor then condemned Abbott for not caring about people suffering.

“There are plenty of other cities where, you know, if he’s going to send people, they could be sent, but no,” he said.

“He’s choosing only Democratic states, Democratic cities, and when we’ve asked him to stop sending people because of the weather, because of the dangerous nature of this winter storm that we’re experiencing now, he’s refused to stop sending them.

“So he does not care about people.

“He doesn’t care about the migrants.

“He doesn’t care about the fact that they’re going to suffer if they’re sent to, certainly, the Upper Midwest as he is doing now.”


Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has repeatedly blasted Abbott.

Last week he spoke about Abbott’s “intentions” and said, “He is attacking Democratically-run cities, and particularly cities that are being led by black leaders or leaders-of-color.

“This is unconscionable,” he added.

“I mean, it’s a very raggedy approach.

“And quite frankly, not only is it reckless and raggedy, but it is evil-spirited.”

In December, Johnson said, “The governor of Texas needs to take a look in the mirror of the chaos that he is causing for this country.

“This is not just a Chicago dynamic, he is attacking our country.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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