Israeli Researchers Raise Alarm on Pfizer Shots, Warn of ‘Severe Side Effects’

Israeli researchers have raised the alarm about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, warning that the shots can cause “severe and long-lasting side effects.”

In December 2021, Israel’s Ministry of Health commissioned researchers to investigate Pfizer’s Covid shots for adverse events.

The probe was launched a year after the roll-out of the mRNA vaccines started due to mounting concerns about the drug’s side effects.

However, the research was shut down after a leaked video showed the lead researcher discussing the findings.

The video shows Prof. Mati Berkowitz, a pediatric specialist, head of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology unit at Shamir Medical Center, and head of the research team appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH), revealing that the researchers uncovered evidence of severe side effects.

Berkowitz warns of the “medical-legal” consequences of making the research findings public.

Despite a near-total media blackout of the scandal, it is a real story that has been commented upon by highly credentialed medical researchers.

Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale, and Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a researcher at the University of Haifa Health and Risk Communication Research Center, are among the high-profile experts who are raising the alarm about the research.

Dr. Shir-Raz, the Israeli medical researcher who broke the news story, joined GB News’s Neil Oliver to discuss the alarming report.

“Israel having found evidence of severe and long-lasting adverse side effects caused by the Pfizer vaccine, a leaked video recording of a meeting between the researchers and the Israeli Ministry of Health made plain,” Oliver said.

“The researchers’ concerns about their own findings, but contrary to the researcher’s opinions, the official report from the Ministry of Health declared side effects were short-lived and mild, most significantly, despite the researcher’s desire to keep going with their work to learn more, their investigation was canceled by the government.”


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Dr. Shir-Raz told Oliver that the Israeli government would not challenge her report and has responded to her queries with silence. She then told her what she had uncovered with her investigation.

“What they found was that every, actually, every aspect of this study’s finding contradicted what we have been told about the side effects of this vaccine,” she said.

“We were told that these are mostly local side effects and that they are mild.

“And that even in, even in some cases there are some serious side effects and those are short-term and past within a few days.

“So first of all, what there is, what the research team found, was new signals, new side effects that were not listed by Pfizer and were not local, not mild, actually they included neurological side effects or muscle side effects and digestive symptoms that were new.”

“They were not listed by Pfizer, not listed in Pfizers in doctor’s leaflet,” Dr. Shir-Raz added.

“Second of all, they found that the side effects were not short-term, but actually many times were long-term.

“Those were long-term events that lasted weeks, months, and sometimes a year or even more.

“And in some cases were ongoing so that the side effects still lasted when the study was over.”

“They all also found a phenomenon they called ‘re-challenge’… and many cases of re-challenge, which is a recurrence or even worsening of a side effect following repeated doses of the vaccine,” Dr. Shir-Raz went on.

“It means that when you get another dose, the side effects either comes back or, or even worsens,” she said.

“So it’s either the side effects were long-term or when they already stopped, they came back after repeated doses.

“So, in fact, the researchers were so worried about those side effects, those findings, that their conclusions were that these findings, first of all, they said they established causality, causal relations between the vaccine and the side effects, especially this phenomenon of re-challenge.

“Professor Berkowitz, the head researcher, explicitly stresses that this phenomenon, the re-challenge, increases the chances, the chances of causality from possible to definitive,” Dr. Shir-Raz notes.

“And even more than that, they explicitly warn, the researchers explicitly warn the Ministry of Health, that they need to think medical-legal.

“They need to think carefully how to present this finding to the public because they contradict what they said, because the minister of health, and not only in Israel, continuously claim that the serious side effects are rare, short-term, and transient, and told people, told people to go get vaccinated.”


After Dr. Shir-Raz broke the leaked video of the medical research team’s findings, the Israeli Ministry of Health rapidly shut down the research.

“The Israeli MOH had no adverse events reporting system for the entire year of 2021,” Dr. Shir-Raz points out in her report on the finding.

“They commissioned a research team to analyze the reports from a new system implemented on December 2021.

“A leaked video reveals that in June, the researchers presented serious findings to the MOH, that indicated long-term effects, including some not listed by Pfizer, and a causal relationship – so the Ministry published a manipulative report, and told the public that no new signal was found.”

In the leaked video, Prof. Mati Berkowitz states:

Here we will have to really think medical-legal.

Why medical-legal? Because for quite a few adverse events we said: ‘OK, it exists, and there is a report, but still get vaccinated’.

I mean, we have to think about how to write it and how to present it correctly.

So this will not yield lawsuits later: ‘Wait, wait, wait, you said everything will pass and you can get vaccinated. And now look what happened to me. The phenomenon continues.’


“This crucial study was based on a new adverse event reporting system the MOH launched in December 2021 – 12 months AFTER rolling out the vaccines to the public, as the system implemented in December 2020, as they now officially admit, was dysfunctional and did not allow an analysis of the data,” Dr. Shir-Raz states.

“In an internal Zoom meeting in early June, the recording of which was leaked to the press, Prof. Berkowitz warned MOH senior officials that they should think carefully how to present his study’s findings to the public, otherwise they may be sued, since they completely contradict the MOH’s claims that serious side effects are rare, short term and transient,” she continued.

“After analyzing the reports received over a period of 6 months, the research team found that many serious side effects were in fact long-term, including ones not listed by Pfizer, and established causal relations with the vaccine.”

“Yet, instead of publishing the findings in a transparent manner to the public, the MOH withheld the findings for nearly two months, and when it finally released an official document, it misrepresented and manipulated the findings, minimizing the extent of reports, and stating that no new adverse events (‘signals’) were found and that the events that were detected were not necessarily caused by the vaccine, even though the researchers themselves said the exact opposite.”

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