Jack Smith Defends Hillary Clinton in Latest Anti-Trump Filing

Special Counsel Jack Smith has defended the lack of criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information on her private email server.

President Donald Trump has cited Clinton’s case in his defense against Smith’s charges of mishandling classified documents.

In a dramatic turn of events, Smith has vehemently countered Trump’s claims in the ongoing criminal case regarding classified documents.

Smith submitted court filings rebutting Trump’s defense of selective prosecution and outlined Trump’s intentional withholding of sensitive classified materials.

The heart of the controversy lies in Trump’s alleged removal of classified national security documents from the White House, storing them at his Florida resort.

This act has sparked a legal battle where the integrity of handling classified materials is scrutinized.

Trump’s defense has asserted that he was the victim of “selective and vindictive prosecution,” drawing parallels to figures like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, James Comey, and Mike Pence.

However, Smith’s filings argue that Trump’s case is markedly different due to the nature and intention behind the retention of the documents.

Smith’s argument emphasizes that, unlike others who may have “unintentionally” kept confidential documents, Trump’s actions were “deliberate.”

The special counsel and the Democrats claim Trump was intentionally retaining vast amounts of classified materials even against orders to return them.

This case takes a unique turn as it is alleged that Trump employed tactics of delay and concealment, only returning a fraction of the documents when it was discovered he had taken more than 100 with secret markings.

Further complicating Trump’s defense is the accusation of devising a plan to obstruct the criminal investigation.

Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) claims Trump tried to obstruct the case by allegedly attempting to engage his attorney in hiding or destroying documents.

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Smith insists this strategy highlights the lengths to which Trump allegedly went to prevent the return of the classified materials.

In the latest court filing, Smith tries to dismantle Trump’s comparison to the Clinton email case.

He notes that despite Clinton being investigated for using a private server for classified information.

At the time, the DOJ said Clinton was not prosecuted due to a “lack of evidence” of “intentional misconduct.”

In stark contrast, Trump is accused of not only knowingly possessing secret documents but also intentionally withholding them.

In his defense of Clinton, Smith argues there is a clear distinction from any past cases involving the mishandling of classified information.

Smith’s refutation of Trump’s claim of immunity under the Presidential Records Act further complicates Trump’s defense.

According to Smith, the Act does not absolve Trump of his actions, as the classified documents in question were not personal but related to national security, thus falling outside the scope of the Act’s protection.

The seriousness of the allegations against Trump is underscored by Smith’s detailed refutation of Trump’s defenses.

The focus on Trump’s alleged intentional actions and efforts to obstruct the investigation set this case apart from others involving the mishandling of classified documents.

In previous cases, such as Clinton’s, prosecutors sought to find excuses to drop the charges, in stark contrast to the anti-Trump case

Smith is now desperately attempting to argue that Trump’s situation is not comparable to other instances of mishandled classified information.

The special counsel’s filings aim to demonstrate the alleged deliberate nature of Trump’s misconduct, contrasting it sharply with accidental or negligent cases.

Smith is now arguing that the magnitude of the classified materials involved and the alleged actions to prevent their lawful return pose significant legal and national security concerns.

Trump’s defense, challenged by Smith’s detailed counterarguments, faces an uphill battle in proving the 45th president’s innocence.

The distinction drawn between Trump’s case and the actions of other political figures emphasizes the motivation to pursue the 45th president.

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