James Woods Issues Warning after Biden’s Terrifying Flubs: ‘America Cannot Risk Strategic Fumbling in an Arena of This Magnitude’

President Joe Biden opened his mouth and terrified the entire world when he mistakenly referred to Ukraine as Iraq on two occasions.

Biden made the slurring flubs while trying to trash Russian President Vladimir Putin to the media.



Q    Mr. President, was Prigozhin — was Prigozhin looking to capture military leaders?

THE PRESIDENT:  He’s not budging on it, as I understand, from my colleagues.  It’s totally inappropriate.  It’s outrageous.

Q    But he says the Defense Department should not be paying for abortion travel.  Your response?

THE PRESIDENT:  He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Q    Was Prigozhin looking to capture military leaders?

THE PRESIDENT:  That remains to be seen.

Q    President Biden, (inaudible) escalating in Ukraine?  Why not engage with Russia in meaningful talks to try to deescalate the whole situation in Ukraine?  You’re sending F-16s, sir.

Q    Mr. President, has Putin been weakened by what happened in Russia?

THE PRESIDENT:  Absolutely.

Q    To what extent has Vladimir Putin been weakened by recent events?

THE PRESIDENT:  It’s hard to tell, but he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq [sic].  He’s losing the war at home.  And he has become a bit of a pariah around the world.  And it’s not just NATO; it’s not just the European Union.  It’s Japan.  It’s — it’s — you know, it’s 40 nations.

Q    President Biden, how involved — President Biden, how involved were you in your son’s “Chinese shakedown” text message?  Were you sitting there?

Q    Mr. President —

Q    Were you involved?  Were you involved?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, I wasn’t.  And I don’t —

Q    Do you think Vladimir Putin is —

Q    Were you?


Q    Mr. President —

Q    Do you think Vladimir Putin is weaker today than he was before all those events?

THE PRESIDENT:  I know he was — is.

Q    Will you give Congress your bank records, President Biden?  Will you give Congress —

Q    Is the worst of the inflation over?

THE PRESIDENT:  Let me put it this way: I’ve been hearing every month there’s going to be a recession next month.  The consensus is: Two thirds of the economists and the major leaders in the banks think we’re not going to have a recession.  I don’t think we will either.

But I tell you one thing: In addition to the — the prices that — going to con- — what a recession constitutes — we’re bringing down prices across the board for people.  That’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

James Woods responded to the gaffes, saying:

“This is sad and unsettling.

“Granted dementia is a cruel disease, but the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has the potential to be a worldwide nuclear holocaust.

America cannot risk strategic fumbling by her president in an arena of this magnitude.

Biden also said last night at a campaign reception:

“Before I announced — before I decided to run, I started to write another book.

“And this book wasn’t about my son.

“This book was about what was changing the world, how technology has changed the world.

“And I started off on the first chapter talking about the printing press and Gutenberg, how it fundamentally changed relations among countries.

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“And I was going to work it all the way through where — what’s happening now with AI and other things, which I don’t know nearly as much about.

“And so, what happened was that I realized that I had to — I had to do something to demonstrate why we could be so good.

“And so, one of the things we did in the foreign policy — I was convinced, and still am, that the world is changing so rapidly, we have a chance to do things we could never do before.

“Think about this: If anybody told you — and my staff wasn’t so sure, either — that we’d be able to bring all of Europe together in the onslaught on Iraq [Ukraine] and get NATO to be completely united, I think they would have told you it’s not likely.

“The one thing Putin counted on was being able to split NATO.

“My staff has figured out I’ve spent 180 hours — 180 hours in direct contact with my friends in Europe and NATO members in the EU.

“And above — of that, a lot of it was in person, but some of it was on — on Zoom.

“And we’ve been able to hold the West together — hold it together.

“That’s the one thing that Putin thought he could do is break it.

“And he still thinks he can break it.

“But guess what’s happened?

“By holding the West together on everything from North Africa all the way to dealing with what’s going on in Europe, we’ve changed the dynamic.

“And the idea that — for example, I — I said I was going to go to — to Japan to meet with the prime minister because he would be — he would change his views.

“And I spent a lot of time with him.

“And he didn’t need my convincing as much as he’d already decided — first time Japan has increased their military budget significantly and got engaged in a European war because he knew that if they didn’t do that, it would send a green light about Taiwan and a number of other things.

“And he’s gotten deeply involved.

“I said something at a fundraiser earlier last week that was mis- — misleading.

“I didn’t mean to be.

“And that was that — I said I convinced him to deal with South Korea,” Biden said.

“He told me he was going to work out something with South Korea, because of the World War Two leftover — and he did.

“And then I strongly — he asked me to strongly support it, which I did.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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