James Woods Names His Favorite Hollywood Co-Star

Hollywood legend James Woods refuses to work with America’s liberal corporate media.

Instead, the actor chooses to communicate to the public through social media.

Unlike other celebrities, Woods, one of the rare few conservatives in Hollywood, often interacts with his fans on Twitter.

He answers questions from the average fan, unlike other stars, and actually enjoys talking to real Americans.

He is smart too and is not afraid to tell the truth when other stars are afraid to get censored or blackballed.

One fan asked him about his hit movie, “Once Upon a Time in America,” and Woods said: “Overall the greatest experience and greatest achievement of my film career.

“A personal favorite. Thank you.”

Another fan asked: “Man I really would love to interview you on my show! Maybe someday…”

Woods responded by saying: “I don’t do press, but now that corporate lapdog liberal media are falling like flies, hoisted with their own petard, I might start doing shows like yours.

“DM me after the summer.”

Responding to a post about the Biden administration issuing a travel advisory for the Caribbean, Woods said:

“Why travel to get shot, mugged, or carjacked in the Caribbean when you can stay home for the same fun in any blue city in America?”

Woods has also started giving patriotic American history lessons to his fans.

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His latest:

“As brilliant as Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence is, it wasn’t an overnight stroke of the pen.

“A lengthy process of bringing the colonies together was galvanized by Richard Henry Lee’s earlier resolution for independence.”

He then posted a link to an account from History.com that “traces the evolution of one of mankind’s seminal documents” – the Declaration of Independence.

One Twitter user asked James to name his “favorite co-star?”

Woods responded:

“I was blessed and enjoyed so many of my co-stars.

“Honestly they were all pretty wonderful.

“That said, how could you not spend every single day with Dolly Parton and not think you had died and gone to heaven?”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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